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Alright everyone, I just set up a map to see how we are distributed.

Click on the link, Z1000Forum Member Map then the Additions tap on the top left, and finally Add Marker - Simple

1. Entry Name - User Name
2. Location - City you associate with
3. Description - Bike or Bikes
4. Flag Color - Adjust to reflect your bikes paint (Please Reserve Candle Marker For Racetracks)


Just reply with the info and I will adjust it for you.

I think this will be a great way to see how we are all spread out.

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Met a dude on the ski lift yesterday and we got to talking about the F1 track, which lead to MotoGP and then talking about bikes. I was rather drunk and when he was about to tell me what he rode I was thinking, "No way will he say a z1000", then he said he rode a z1000. We bumped fists, he asked me what year I had, which I suddenly forgot due to being stunned from his answer, or from the moonshine in my flask? :D

Moral of the story, I forgot to tell him to join the board. :( I think I recall he was from New York or something though.
Andrew James
Batesville, AR

Love to have more riders nearby!
1. Entry Name - MangoTango
2. Location - Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
3. Description - 2013 Z1000 SE
4. Flag Color - Orange
Don't need to add mine because I already did :) (info for flag is below)

1. Entry Name: Bearilla
2. Location: Kansas City, MO
3. Description: 2016 Z1000
4. Flag Color: Gray
What, no one in Manitoba? I think ive seen 3 z1000's ever here, and one is in my garage haha.
1. Entry Name - MangoTango
2. Location - Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
3. Description - 2013 Z1000 SE
4. Flag Color - Orange
Very late, but done :wink:
Just put Philly on the map!!!!
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Is there a way to edit your flag?
Added myself to the map. Not too many in the Detroit area

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I used to live at 16mi and Gratiot.. about 35 yeas ago ha.
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Hi all... new to this forum,not long joined,great idea.... I'm in,mine is green..... Newport South Wales (British)
Hi... Wondered anyone know how I edit this marker,as I think I've put to much info,and may attract would be thieve's i.e post code. Should have just put in my area,I've sent a message to Nolan z1000 but I've Heard nothing... Less is better...
Tried adding but everytime I click on the link this is the error code I get;


Any suggestions?
The Doctor

2016 Z1000ABS

Silver with Motocomposites Matte Black on the Headlight Cowl & also replaced the Green Tank with the same product & the rear pillion Seat is no longer green but Black

Los Angeles, in the Hollywood Hills
Wonder if there's still a moderator around!

shure is quiet 'round here ;)
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