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Z1000 intake sound

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I know it sounds funny but the intake note from the Z1000 is actually one of the best parts of the bike.

You can be in third gear just cruising alone and then you crack the throttle the bike just growls at you.

I will see if i can find some videos of the tone... it really its one of the best parts of the bike!
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Actually here is a video of the bike...

Maybee the only bike who's intake is louder than the exhaust. I like the growl.
yes I noticed the intake tone as well. Its unlike any other bike and actually makes me feel more like a hooligan! lol
I like it as well, but I think what defines this bike is the racer x styling and ergos controlling the handeling. I live in Orange County CA where we see just about everything under the sun on the weekends on PCH (our coastal road), from GT3s to Model T's, evey kind of harley Ducati, RC30, Hummers with spinners, first gen Ninjas and the like, but I have yet to see another 2010 Z1K. I love it.
Who needs exhaust sound with such a sweet intake sound!!!!!
LOVE IT MORE AND MORE every time i ride...which is everyday
funny how loud the intake is. I guess its less defining then a pair of shorty pipes and just as agressive sounding. That video is fantastic!
Howl of the intake

Am I the only one who has yet to hear it?

Maybe I don't know what I am listening for, or it don't kick in til you get above 85mph (fastest I've been as I keep it below 6,000 RPMs in the later breakin phase), but I have yet to hear the cool intake howl I've read about more than once, and heard about on a couple promo clips.

Music to a gearhead’s ears is the snort from the engine’s intake – it paints an aural picture of the formidable forces the Kawi is producing. Kevin said the sound emanating from the intake made a “rambunctiously wonderful honk” when hard on the gas, and that it made him forget for a minute “about the enviable sonic qualities of fitting an aftermarket exhaust.”
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ive never really noticed any special noise this bike makes over any other sport bike ive rode.. ive always had a loud exhaust too so that may be covering it up loL!
Hmmm, I'll let you know once mine gets here this week!!
The elusive howl is even mentioned in the official booklet promoting the 2011 model.

Whatever it sounds like, it must be cool to hear!


Positioning the ducts close to the rider allows the intake sound to be heard - and enjoyed - by the rider
A resonator inside the airbox reduces noise at low rpm, and enhances intake sound at high rpm
You gotta get that throttle almost wide open quickly and have the stock exhaust or youll probably never hear it. It sounds kinda like when you blow across the opening of a 2 liter bottle.
Go ride a 09 and up R6 and listen to the intake howl on one of them it's intoxicating, I've never heard the zed howl.
Good grief! Open that throttle a bit and around 7k+ you'll hear it! Sounds awesome.
Good grief! Open that throttle a bit and around 7k+ you'll hear it! Sounds awesome.

:eek:ccasion: Kawasaki engineers were given the task to keep a soulful sound in this bike and that's is what they came up with . Customers on the Demos love it.
:D me too.
It works best with stock exhaust ,though.
DUDE! Ive had mine for almost two years, and just heard the intake howl the other day for the first time...opened it WFO in 3rd gear at 45mph and hit 102mph in seconds, and the howl was incredible!

Just have to open the throttle all the way to the stop...which isnt easy!
There's a reason a few of us decide to keep the stock quiet pipes. The howl is pretty damn awesome. Hard to concentrate on it while the front wheel is in the air though...
It must sound like a distant werewolf howling at the full moon!
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