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Dear All Please i need a big help

This my problem:

The customer installed the battery cables in OPPOSITE. Now I found out that the ECU was burned due to wrong polarities. I can also smell the burned diodes from the ECU. When i crank the engine, there is no ELECTRICITY ( fuel pump, ignition coils, fuel injectors)

What i have done is:

i replaced the ECU with the red key (NEW)
We have checked all fuse and some of them are burned because of what happened, but we replaced the damaged ones.
When we insert the MASTER KEY (red). The FI indicator blinking and does not stop for 1 second like what it says in the service manual.

The next step that we did:

I have checked all the wiring coming from the ANTENNA IMMO. To the AMPLIFIER to the ECU.
We have replaced the (ANTENNA and the AMPLIFIER. and vehicle down sensor) I have checked the [FONT=Arial,Italic]ECU Power Supply + and - also all the DIODES and all of them are still in good condition[/FONT]
if we put the OLD ECU, there is no FI but the following items are still not working ( fuel pump, ignition coils, fuel injectors).

please any help tx

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you seem to have burnt a a main feed wire. possibly a fusable link. is there a wire coming from the strter relay on the battery side if so check it for a burnout or melted fusable link. some where there is a 10 or 12 gauge wire wire that probably feeds those circuits. also check where the wires feed in and out of the fuses may possibly be burned the the back side of the fuse panel.:screwy::screwy::screwy:
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