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Wheel Swap???

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Sorry i may have posted this thread in the wrong section... Just trying to get as much help as possible lol

I have an 04 Z1000. Going to be tearing it down for a new paint scheme this winter. I am also planning on having my wheels powdercoated to match the paint. But i hate the stock 3-spoke wheels that are factory on most bikes lol. I have been looking into swapping wheels to the wheels from an 05-06 zx6 or from about the same year zx10. The double 3-spoke design is much more to my liking.

My question is: What is needed in order to swap stock wheels for a set of zx6/zx10 wheels??? Is it even possible??? Getting axles and spacers doesn't bother me. But if i have to swap forks or the swingarm then i may just decide not to do it... Been doing some homework and this is what i have found: http://www.riderforums.com/showthread.php?t=47067
However in the link, his bike is an 07 and mine is an 04...

Any help is appreciated.
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Could anyone at least point me in the direction of someone that may be able to help? Maybe?
try kawasaki. forum there are many zx6 riders on there. maybe somebody there can help you. sorry we couldn't come up with an answer.:confused::confused::confused:
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