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muzzy had a blow out sale on old exhaust systems. i called last month about a stainless full system for my 2004 ZED. at the time it was $ 369 reg 700 plus. so i got the money together and called them. well they sold them all.
the happy ending is muzzy [ curt] is going to build me one for $ 425 and ship it. i am sure if the economy was going full blast i would not have got that price. i sure get a lot of compliments on those stock 04 pipes. even the stock sound is OK. but i just have to jump on the deal. the day will come when pipes will be hard to find for older bikes. i am going to polish up the old system and wrap it up. if california goes with smoging motorcycles i might have to re install the stock system.:eek:
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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