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Well Hello

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Picked up my 2010 Z1000 in Black about three weeks ago. I looked around and this was the bike for me. 100% not regretting it. Finally got my first 600 miles out of the way and getting the break-in oil out tomorrow. I put on the Evotech tail tidy so far, but that's it. Thinking about new levers and Slip-on's pretty soon. Other than that the bike is awesome!!
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got mine 2 weeks ago tomorrow. did first service last thursday(not yesterday) have 950 now haven't been able to ride much this week. tomorrow am doing a dyno run to get a base before i start mods. if i can figure out how i will post dyno sheet. rick:D:D:D
Aaron G. welcome to the fray and congrats on the new Z. Got mine in March, turned 6200 miles this afternoon. Absolutely NO regrets, except I should have gotten one sooner.:D
do you guys have an off idle stumble when you left all the way off throttle then back on? mine does this it's really anoying in fast curves. spoke to dealer said he didn't know anything about it. hadn't heard anyone else complain. rick:D:D:D
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