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Do you really need to take the bike to a dealer to do the valve tappets? I'm pretty mechanically inclined and I'd like to do it myself on my 2003 Z1000. I might have a service manual on cd somewhere, but does anyone know where there is more information on doing this? I figure I could buy any tools (feeler gauges etc) for far less than the dealer would want to do this service, about $500, which leaves me money for other stuff, like a steering dampener or something.

I haven't even taken the valve cover off, but I've heard the cams have to be pulled and that's as far as I got. Anybody done this themselves?

On a side note, while I'm in there, is there anything anyone suggests I do that can improve performance? Pull the head and have bigger valves installed, or porting/polishing etc. Any substantial advantages to this on these bikes? I know the head is a more restricted version of the 9R head, is this to increase torque like a narrower intake would do?

I'm planning on putting it on a dyno afterward, so if I do change anything that requires mapping, It'll be corrected with the new map anyways.
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