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This is for integrated taillight signal use...I'm sure it'd be VERY easy to use OEM blinkers if needed. Otherwise, these directions are for an integrated light. Also, NO tag light is discussed here. So hold on, here we go!!!!

1) Okay...hopefully you still have the OEM tag bracket kit. Separate the indicator bracket from the tag bracket...two screws. Hang onto the hardware that bolted the tag bracket to the OEM plastic fender. Otherwise, buy new ones. Me being a cheap-a$$, you know I held onto them...

2) You'll have to run to a home supply parts store and buy an aluminum strip of this stuff with holes in it. Holey Aluminum? It's the stuff you use to build a garage door opener hanging bracket. I Dremel cut it to roughly the length needed and bent the "top" of it accordingly. You can come back later and modify the bend...both will have to be a matching bend either way. The two bolts are the OEM bolts from under the seat that held the OEM fender in place. I purchased the lock washers and nuts at hardware store. These bolts will be installed in the trunk area. Look at this beautiful picture:

(You can modify which holes you use for the tag mount, depending on your bend angle, or just visual preference, maybe you want some of these for a LED light? I chose the middle set of holes. Had to thread the bolts into the plastic since they were not bored large enough. They fit perfect after screwing them in. Nevermind the cable ties...they were a temporary solution. I was throwing up projectiles at the sight of the OEM fender and had to think quickly, thank goodness for zip ties.)

3) Once bends are matched up and you've mocked them under the tail to ensure the angle is acceptable, bolt up the tag bracket to the aluminum hangers and determine the length you want. I went with this length shown, cut them accordingly with the Dremel and put a small detail on the ends. Oooohhh.....aaaaahhhh!!! I'm a pro! :screwy:

4) I then cleaned them up with a Dremel polish/wire buff, wiped them down with mineral spirits then washed with soap and water in the sink.

(The kitchen sink? My wife is going to KILL me! Wait, I'm single! :eek:ccasion:)
5) Now I wanted to get them looking good...you know, pretty! Like that young bartender that always has her underwear sticking out when pouring your Guinness and it comes out flat, but that's okay because, well, she's pretty!! So I had a can of Dupli-Color "High Heat Ceramic" spray paint in a flat black. I can't the pic on here the right orientation, but this is a pic of the can below. Put on a few layers on BOTH sides of your purdy little pieces and wait for the drying time. You can bake them in the oven also to harden the paint even further. We're not in a high-heat sorta situation here, so I forwent that part.

7) After painting them up and letting them cure, mount the tag bracket to your new hanger bracket and start doing the sun dance to the gods because we want TO RIDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

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