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Tell me what you think...hopeful future Z owner

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Hey all, Like the title says I'm looking to get back into the bike world after a 3 year hiatus. Ive always loved the Z's and this is what im set on as my next bike. I hope. (haven't sat on one yet and being 6'5 I don't want it to feel like a toy) The one I'm looking at is an 05' with 9870 miles. From the detailed pics it looks to be in great shape. Its been custom painted all black flake metallic. Price is set at 4470 at a dealer but im sure that's up for negotiation.

My concerns are: Is this too high miles to start with? Being out of the sport for so long I plan to ride the hell out of it and don't really want to end up with a super high mile bike in a few years..

Why was it painted, could easily been owned by a painter(paint looks professionally done) or is it hiding neglect? On the other hand an owner of a beat up and thrashed around bike usually isn't going to take the time and do a full paint job on it.

What do you all think? Should I jump on it or wait for greener grass? Ive just started really looking and need to sell or trade in my sled first before the funds allow for a bike in the garage.

Sorry for such a long post guys, new the the forum. Figured no better way to hear about these bikes than from the guys that own them! :D

Thanks for any help,

Heres a quick pic of it.

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Very pretty!

I would just look it over VERY closely... if they're trying to hide something, you should be able to tell. Or it could just be another case of somebody wanting an all-black bike. Happens a lot from what I've seen. But if they're hiding something, odds are they missed something. Stay objective and you'll figure it out if there's a problem.

As usual, pricing through dealers can be high. What's KBB or NADA pricing? Maybe start at $3000-3500 and negotiate from there.

Welcome to the site!

That mileage is not high at all for one of these bikes, it's getting harder to find a first gen with under 10k on it. The main thing is that it was taken care of and had maintenance performed.

I would test ride it and see how it runs and rides. Thoroughly look it over and inspect it and go from there. If it has been lowsided or dropped before and that's why it was repainted, you should be able to tell if you look close enough. Hopefully the reason why it was repainted was that owner simply wanted to give it a custom paint job. I would also try getting the dealer down to the $4k range.
I bought my 04 with 9,000 miles last year. Not one problem. I am 6-1 my friend is 6-4 and likes his z 1000 also. Of all the bikes i have owned in the last 41 years my kawa z 1000 is my all time fav. I am crazy about my bike. I have a victory cruiser that just sits since i got the z 1000. Do it.
Maybe its just me, but something is telling me that this bike has been crashed before, which is why it was custom painted... I mean, why else would someone go through the expense of custom painting a bike, but otherwise leave it completely stock? It is also missing one of the mirrors...probably from a crash.

I would inspect the hell out of it before buying it. Ask them for a Carfax report on it (that will tell you if its been down before...) A great place to look to see if its been crashed before is the radiator mounting area - when the bike gets dropped on one side, the radiator mounts can get bent, and it shows up around the mounts - you might find alittle rust where the paint came off. Thats a sure sign that the bike has been down. A test ride can tell you that too sometimes - get it up to about 40mph and then let go of the handlebars - if it start pulling to one side, its been wrecked before...

Not that any of that should prevent you from buying the bike - it will just get you that much better of a deal, as you can negotiate down the asking price... Truth is, I wreck my 03 Z twice, and it used to pull to one side - but otherwise ran fine.

Id really consider low-balling them as well - they cannot finance bikes that are over 7 years old, so they are going to want to sell this as fast as they can or get stuck waiting for a cash buyer. If they dont accept the low ball, leave and wait a month, then offer it again...

Best of luck!

And welcome to the site!
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My buddy was looking at that exact bike. He's in Blaine. I told him the same thing as these guys are telling you. It's obviously been repainted, and likely in a crash. But it could've been anything. I bought mine last spring with 21k on it. It had been tipped over on both sides and the radiator is bent. But I've had it over 150mph and it's fine. I say buy it, but don't pay more than $4,000, which is the going rate for a great condition first gen here in MN, that's what I paid for my 2003 with more miles on it but brand new Pirelli tires and a 4 piece bag set.

I'm 6'1" and 215 lbs, it fits me well. You might find you'll want to get adjustable pegs though since you're a little taller than me, but other than a little hip cramping till you get em, you'll love the bike. Get ahold of me if you buy it and you can come ride with me and my guys whenever.:eek:ccasion:
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Its a great looking bike and well worth 4g's if its not crashed. Even if you bought it and put another 10 to 15k miles on it in 3 years time you could still sell it for 3500 or so.
Thanks for all the replies guys. I would never have known to look at the radiator mounts. Before I look at it I want to get some serious inquries on the sled first...and I haven't even put it up for sale yet:lol:

Theres another bike in wisconsin, a 2006, with just over 1500 miles on it going for 5k! Thats almost unheard of! But its 5 hours away. I am more than willing to drive a distance for a mint vehicle. Like ridingswitch said I've found that the price hovers right around 3500-5000 with the bike milage anywhere from 3k up to 30k so in a few years I should be able to get close to my money out of it when I want to upgrade to my dream ZX-14...or just get 2nd gen ZK1
That's a good looking bike. First thing I would check is the rear seat cowl. If it has been down one of the first things to bend is the subframe. so even with the best straiting the seat cowl will not fit perfect. and at times will be hard to close. JMO
i got mine, a 07 with 3800 miles ( bike is brand new) 1 owner for 4800. i agree not to pay more than 4k for it. z1000 have weird color schemes , maybe thats one of the reasons why it was re painted?. I have owned a zx6r cbr600, a gsf500 and this has been by far the best bike. hope you make the right choice! Good Luck!!:eek:ccasion:
I'm a little apprehensive about trading the sled in for it. I have a feeling they aren't going to want to go much lower than that if they are taking something in on trade. I would like to go up and take a look at her this weekend without taking the sled up. just to strictly look at it and see if its worth my time(which I think it will be) It looks like a nice bike and its been "fully inspected" but time will tell.

You really think they are going to drop the price much? what do these bikes bring in on trade in?
So you want to trade your F7 for the bike? Being a sled fan myself, I'm sad to hear that, but I understand. I've had two M7's and want a new M8 once I get back up to where it snows.

Best thing you can remember is to try not to be too emotionally attached to the deal. They will use that in your favor. Are you able to get the bike without trading? That way, if the deal isn't going to work with the trade, you can work it without.

The economy is down, so it's in their best interest to move the bike, even if taking a trade. Dealers have a line of credit on their inventory.. it's called Flooring. They're paying flooring on that bike. By selling you the bike, even taking your sled in trade, they're making more than if the bike sits there longer. So remember they need the deal too. Decide the absolute most you want to spend and stick to your guns, and be prepared to walk if they don't get to that number.

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Thanks Rob, I knew thered be sledders on here lurking around waiting for spring. If I lived in an area where snow was guaranteed every year(mountians, UP, ect) it would be a different story but here in NE Iowa every year is a 50/50 shot if its going to be a good year or not. Not to mention Iowa trails are 80% ditches and farm fields, and with the economy and the current working condition I dont have the money to trailer em west or north. Having 5k sitting 10 months out of the year just doesnt sit well with me, especially in this economy when I can use the equity from it and use it for a bike. I used to live in the southern states and when I moved back home for a job It was either a sled or bike. I missed both severely but decided to go the sled route. As of now I think its time to get a bike again. Just wish I can have both but ive got enough to pay for let alone another loan for a bike.
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i had a ZRX it has a cult status. the Z1000 is a lighter ,better handling . and faster bike. the stock exhaust has always been a turn off for a lot of people. as much as i liked the looks of the ZRX it could not keep up with my 2004 Z 1000. the Z 1000 is a bargin becouse few people know what a great bike it is. snap one up.
i agree with noabiker wrecked my first zrx and fixed it my self. had 10,000 miles when i wrecked it 6 months after i bought iy new. rode it for 25,000 more miles and sold it in 07 for 3500 with the gas tank stll dented. told the boy just what happened. he knew me and the bike. wasn't afraid. he broke both wheels in a skirmish within 3 weeks. got away from him and he hit a curb. both thezrx and the z1000 are the best kept secrets for us older guys. don't know your age but i am happy with mine.:screwy::screwy::screwy:
Well I'm 23 but sometimes I feel like I'm an old man already! Looking forward to riding this spring/summer. Just gotta find a deal.
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