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swing arm spools for 2010 Z1000

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OK , maybe I am just missing it but can't seem to find spools for the 2010
have done a search and google but seem to find spools for the 2010

Any help would be great thanks

edit : found them but rather not pay shipping from hong kong
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there are sveral on ebay.i'm watching a set now. go to ebaymotors under motorcycle parts. type in 2010 z1000 and see what comes up. i saved it and check it every day.:rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes:
Pro-Bolt makes spools that fit the 2010 Z1000. Check out the part at their web site. You can buy them from the Motorcycle Superstore. See here. The Motorcycle Superstore lists them as a part for the 2008 and earlier Z1000, but the part fits the 2010 as well. I checked the specs and called ProBolt before buying mine. The screwed in no problem and I have been using them for months.
have bought a lot of stuff from them. very good company. have to be careful with some sellers. sometimes they drop ship from another counrty when they have an american address.:mad::mad::mad:
Thanks for the replys . Found out after doing more research that any 10mm/ 1.25 spools for kawasaki will fit 10mm being the bolt size 1.25 being the thread count

found some from on ebay thanks
z thank you. i knew the 10mm. but wasn't sure about thread pitch.
no problem jrick my locail true value owner gets some credit for this too
super cool guy lets me take bolts outside to try them

watch that idle chit chat would ya:D
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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