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Soon to be(?) Z1000 owner

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Hello every one. I'm currently riding an FJR1300 but since my riding is becoming more on commute than long distance, I am looking at standard and lighter bikes. Anyone here owns an FJR and switch to Z1000?
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no but the Z 1000 will do it all. i own a 04 Z 1000 but i have seat time on a new 2010 Z 1000 also. it is just plain FUN. that new engine is a stump puller. my friend also ownes a suzuki b king. we call the Z 1000 a smaller b king. that looks better.
came from a zrx 1200 not as heavy as fjr, but i have ridden an fjr too heavy for me. zrx is a great all around bike. the 2010 z stock for stock is lighter quicker. and handles way better. burns through the stock tires quickly. am trying some different ones should know more after this weekend. all in all i think you'll like the z for 300 mile or less trips. i've put 350 on in one day without any problems and i'm 54. it's hard to wipe the smile off my face before, during and after a ride.
That's what I'm afraid of:D to lose the FJRs stump pulling torque down below. Can't wait to test ride one but there's none in stock down here in deep south Texas.
2010 has so much low end i bought a larger tire for the back. first gear power wheelies are a blast,but i blew through tires in 2000 miles. this bike does everything well. highway cruising takes some getting used to, but instant throttle is awsome. no need to downshift.unless you really want to move.i get 40mpg almost all the time. no regrets.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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