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Slipper clutch

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So I hear the 2017 Z has a slipper clutch. Also hear the design of this clutch makes for a much lighter pull at the lever. From what I'm gathering the engine is the same as my '15 so I'm looking into this as an upgrade. I need to compare some pictures of the parts, part numbers and then find out how to get this clutch here in the states. Anyone else thinking about this?

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Yes, it will work on any z1000 that is 2010 or newer.

As far as what plates you need, order everything that's on the list and you'll have what you need.

An easier and cheaper way if doing this is to watch ebay and find a complete clutch for a Versus 1000, 2017 or newer ninja 1000, or a z900/900rs.

A clutch assembly from any of those bikes works. Yo can recognize the correct part by seeing the 3 springs and not the 5 springs the older bike has.
Thanks for the reply. I managed to pick up a low KM Z900 clutch assembly from the wreckers. Have ordered some EBC Z1000 springs as genuine Kawasaki are 8 to 12 weeks away here. They are supposedly a heavier spring so hope that doesnt stop the slipper function from working. Z900 springs are a different P/N and are supposedly a softer shorter spring.

Do the later Z1000 clutches have 2 different plates fitted. The one I have got has 2 plates, 1st and last with larger / normal size friction pads and the rest have more smaller pads. Have not seen or found any mention of this on any of the forums or videos. Parts diagrams show the same part number between the 2 engines.

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Looks like I have the earlier 2017 / 2018 clutch plates. There is some reports of these not being as good and slipping so will see what my plates are like when I pull it apart and make a decision on what I use.
The plates slip because people don't know how to adjust their clutch cables.

The clutch springs don't need to be heavier. In this design, the clutch springs don't contribute to locking the plates. The springs are about how hard the clutch is to pull, and that's about it.

If a person does not leave enough play in the cable, the clutch is not able to close properly. The power of the motor closes the clutch, but not if the cable is too tight.

Once you slip clutch plates, under a load, it damages them and at that point they will not lock up properly. Even if adjusted correctly. It's easier to blame the plates or springs than it is to read the manual or take time to watch this video. Ignore the Yamaha part. Yamaha had this clutch a year before the rest did. The clutch is really made by fcc Japan. Yamaha, or Kawasaki just buy clutches from them. In fact, 99% of the companies do

You'll see the idea when you work with it.

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