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my brother says he's seen a 2010 white z1000 on his way to mtn. home arkansas, and again on his way to melbourne. anyone on here?
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i saw the thread title and i was trying to figure out what it was. i think you mean "sighting". lol. i dont think too many people from arkansas are on the boards.
don't know what i was thinking. i think i fixed it.
don't know what i was thinking. i think i fixed it.
You mean the thinking part? :D Or the sighting part?:D Or the seeing part?:D
your killing me! seriously, i used to be an excellent speller, kids used me for a dictionary for years. both still call me at odd times to ask how to spell a word or what it means. kids have been out of school for 11 years now, if you don't use it you lose it. now as for typing that's a different story.can't type for beans. hate computers. only got one because i'm a team leader at church and have to keep in touch with team. am learning as i go, but it's like pulling teeth. i not a big fan of change. i do have a sense of humor though. GOD is still working on me. good thing he's GOD. he's got alot of work to do.
For someone who hates computers, you sure love the forums, Rick. I'd call that progress!
wife told me to leave 4 years ago, every time i try to get divorce started i either buy a new bike or spend money on extras. 850 is a good start on any bike. she's not worth it. been alone so long now it seems natural. have free time, so here i am.
jrick: you are a funny man, love posts like that.

sometimes you need to cut out of the strickly factual posts, that's why i'm here.
believe it or not that post was completely factual.it took a long time to see it as funny. now i can laugh about sometimes. glad to lighten your day . life is way too short tobe miserable. that's why i bought the z. sure puts a smile on the face. good for the adrenal glands too.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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