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The rest pedal sensor.
If the bike stops in motion or even problems at the start, it may be a sensor problem.
It was like that for me.
I did., Until I bought a new one.

1, I disconnected the plug.
2, I connected two terminals to the plug, as you can see in the image. So there is no problem, the electrical system gives an indication that the sensor is connected without interrupting the signal.
It works fine until you buy a new sensor.
In the last image you can see , teh sensor is broken.
Isolate the plug with tape..and its ok.


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I think we are talking about the same thing.

When my bike arrived to be upgraded the mechanic asked me "Would you like me to disconnect the kick stand sensor now in the shop because if it fails you on the road, its difficult to diagnose..."

Thank you for the information Mate, this may be exactly what has happened to a couple of recent posters here.
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