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Regulator/Rectifier fault

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A warning to all those who use their Z1000 2010 in wet weather. On my commute to work this morning in the wet the bike broke down and had to be recovered by the dealer. On inspection it was noted that water had by-passed the rubber boot on the regulator and fried the damn thing. The mechanic said that although the boot does a good job of stopping most water some can still get through and once inside it cannot get out. The only fix is a new regulator and plenty of grease to try and prevent water entering.......brilliant it is only September and the weather hasn't been that bad. Is it me or can anyone else see this being a regular occurence.
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haven't heard that one yet. odd because there are a few guys on here like me that ride in all weather. haven't been caught in a deluge yet. maybe some one else has. these bikes are just a year out now, i'm sure things will start popping up. maybe we can keep on top of them on here.

just kidding, sorry about the need for repair. i never even put a garden hose on my bikes. i hand clean.
i dry clean mine also. no car wash for me. do ride in the rain though, have to watch out for that problem. thanks again.
Rain.....Invented by an English woman to stop you having fun at the weekend with your mates.

On a more serious note got the bike back from the dealer Saturday morning and on the way into work this morning it has broken down again. Just waiting for the dealer to open so i can unleash a string of obscenities..........!!
dang, these things are bullet proof ? now the tech will have to earn his money and figure out the problem.
glad i don't live in england. but seriously, i don't usually leave in the arin but don't stop when i'm riding either. haven't hit any hard rain yet, but i don't like the sound of this. i've clocked many a mile in the rain.
Same thing happened to my Zed. Went out for a run. Sunny day. Returned home to discover a strong smell of bad eggs, vapor coming from under the seat, and a high pitched (pressure releasing) noise.
Dealership picked it up and advised of water in the regulator, and a fried main wiring loom. All sorted. Pick the bike up from the dealer on Sat.
That sucks. I've ridden in very hard rain without any issues.
Difference in Euro/US versions? The two break downs in US?
Good looking out- starting to get on the band-wagon of hand washing. I always wash my bikes and never had a problem but then again, i was washing full fairing bikes- thanks
Regulator fault

Hi All
New forum user here.
Just signed up to tell eveyone that I have the same problem.
2010 Z1000 (DAF) appx 5500 miles.
Wouldn't start after a short stop. Whistling coming from the battery, which was red hot!
Put a spare battery on when I finally got it home charging at 17 volts rising to 19 volts when revved.
Luckily still under warranty so it's in the shop at the moment being looked at.
I'll post the exact problem once I get it back.
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Hey gang. I've 11,000 miles on my 2010 z1000; all of it in Florida. I've ridden in PLENTY of rain and lightning, and even got blasted by some hail. I even wash her with light spray garden hose. Thankfully, haven't had the wet-regulator problem you've identified. I'll keep you posted, though.
Yeah i got stuck in a complete downpoor.....image a complete wall of rain. Did not have any problems.
Before I bought this 2011 Z1000, I owned a 2010 Vulcan 900. Vulcan 900s are known for this issue you folks are describing. The quick connector for the voltage regulator would get water in it, causing the stator to short. The only thing to protect that quick connector was to use dielectric grease at the connection where they snap together. On the Vulcan 900s, the rectifer is located directly behind the front wheel, exactly where water would spray while riding in the rain. At least our rectifiers are located in the rear shock area, so it would be a more indirect shot with the rain/road spray.
Add mine to the list, hissing battery and bad eggs. Fortunately, it was at the end of the ride (downtown Dahlonega) and not in the middle of nowhere. Came back out after a bite and dead as a rock (except a faint glow on the parking light). Haven't gotten stuck in the rain in several months though, been a couple months since shes had a bath too. Ah well, still under warranty (which I will happily extend this week haha) and she goes in tuesday.
Same problem experienced by me, but I wouldn't say it is the rectifier at fault only the crappy wiring/waterproofing in the connecting plug.
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