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rear seat cowl

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anyone know where i can find an '05 titanium rear seat cowl?
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Here you go Squid, Fill in your bike info and find the part under seats. I've used them before, good company.

53065ESKU: 53065-1054-725

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Squid buddy, you asked this on KF like a month ago. Titanium, don't know. Non-specific color, a.k.a. have-to-paint...dime a dozen. Get a black or green one and paint it.
Wow, my post went right by ya didn't it. Quick like a Z probably:D
sorry i did'nt respond,,i just moved and just got back on line last week. but thats what i did, bought a silver one and had a shop paint it for me. have a really cool shop i found near me called speedwerks,they work on only sportbikes. they had it done for me in a week. but thanks for the URL, i saved it!
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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