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Was riding PCH South & saw you go flying past headed North.

30 seconds later like a Lunatic I realised there "Oh #[email protected]&, that was another Z rider ..."

Did a UTurn & came back at high speed headed north & at the intersection of Point Dume & PCH saw you waiting at the front of the turn signal to turn left into Point Dume - it was very busy before I could turn around illegally & when I came back you were gone. I scoured all the Market parking lots & the Gas Station, then all the Point Dume streets & Beach looking for you, even asked the Guard at the Multi Million Dollar Trailer Park if a green bike had entered - nada.

Going riding out there tomorrow/Memorial Day, once you get wound through the bumper to bumper traffic on PCH, its a blast.

Would love to hook up - don't know any local Z riders yet.
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