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anyone install their own PCv? having trouble unplugging injectors. i don't want to break anything so i quit for now. it will be a snap (pun intended) once i figure out how to unhook those connectors.:confused::(:confused::(
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The PCV plugs directly in to the injectors? Or do you mean the injector harness? Mine is a PC3 and goes in the harness and it was a pain to unplug. I used a small flathead screw driver to push the tab down. Got someone to hold that so I could grab both connectors and keep rocking and pulling. Use some dielectric grease on the connectors BTW.
never had a PClll, PCv has two plug for each injector, one plugs into the injector the other into the harness that was plug into injector. very simple to hook up. just can't get plugs off injectors yet. very fragile. am going to have my son help me. one of the signs your getting old, instead of you helping him, he's helping you. been doing this stuff for years, but dont want to break an injector. who knows how long it woud take to get one. don't need any down time right now. beautiful here in arkansas,now
Definately a difference in design. Could be the way Kawi made the harness. On the 14 there is a large plug between the individual injector connections and the ecu. PC3 just goes inline there. I guess the new Z has something different. Good luck with it man!
thanks, son looked at it today and said it was different from the one on his vfr. we're going to tackle it this week while he's home. i just don't want to break an injector trying to unplug it.
Hey did you get this installed okay? Very curious to hear your opinions of it.

I want to keep my stock exhaust, but was hoping a PCV would smooth out the throttle response, particularly the on/off response. Don't wanna spend $250-300 unless I know it's gonna help.

yeah son had bent needlenose pliers. the hardest part was unplugging the injectors. with the map fuel moto sent me it smoothed out ran good but was very rich. installed muzzy full exhaust and the new map still very rich but hold on. it's like a rocket ship now. still haven't used it all in any gear. was talking to my son this morning about getting it tuned and he mentioned the autotune . might be a better idea around the same cost. i'm going to look into it. i would say the PCv is a good investment if that burble is really annoying you. or if you plan future mods. i'm happy with mine so far.:screwy::screwy::screwy:
Gday, I have a current model Z1000, after i fitted an Akro 4-1 race system the bike was almost unrideable, i then fitted up a PCV. I agree with you the plugs on the injectors were a ***** to get off. I took the bike in to be dyno tuned. I was wondering what you did with your o2 sensor? The fellow who dynoed my bike told me that it had to be unplugged and an eliminator fitted. I've searched the dyno jet web sight and the internet to find out if this is correct. Dynojet dont have a part number for an eliminator for the 2010/2011 bike! As far as i can tell, the PCV is compatable with the stock o2 sensor?
my usa 2010 didn't have an o2 sensor. the muzzy header has a place fot it and came with a plug. i would conclude only euro spec 2010's have o2 sensor. if i get the auto tune. it comes with a wideband sensor. did the akro not hvae the bung for it. odd i would think.
oh yes it had a bung, but i dont know whether i should run the o2 sencor or not. I dont think the guy who tuned it had had much experiance with the PCV. Dynojet list that if you have a PCIII and an earlier model bike then you have to disconnect the o2 sensor and fit the eliminator. But nothing is said regarding the PCV. At the moment i have the o2 sensor wired into the bike but disconnected from the exhaust. I am having trouble with the bikes power and rideability being inconsistent. It seems that when it is cold the back firing and flat spot are not to bad but once it warms up, it's a pig. I did read on the power commander web sight, that if you run your o2 sensor then it will only overide the power commander at low RPM's, but again this was with an earlier model bike and a PCIII. I think i'm gunna have to ring them direct.
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i would either hook o2 sensor to pipe or unhook from the computer. mine is running rich. called heith he said to zero tps. i did that didn't help. mine pops on throttle release evrytime. very annoying to me. will either get it tuned soon or buy autotune. haven't decided which, yet. hope you get it sorted out..:screwy::screwy::screwy:
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