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PCv update

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rode over to my son's tonight we installed new bcm filter and PCv. i got the bike ready and he installed the PCv. i did the filter . the bike doen't seem to have any more power, but the off throttle burble is gone. response is very smooth,now. with the 200 rear tire and the smoother throttle the front isn't quite as light as before, still comes up easy in first, but not as easy. still get a rise in 2nd at 10,000 or so.very happy with this mod.now, just have to wait for muzzy. oh well. will post fuel milage as soon as i run through a tank.
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me too. will post as soon as i get it on. will get to test new mods tonight in the twisties will post later.
ok , I tryed to figuer out what this PCv mod is on my own but no luck, so what the heak is this mod:confused::D
power commander five, it's a piggy back fuel controller. i ordered mine with my muzzy full exhaust system and bcm filter. it's like rejetting carbs if you had them.2009 up bikes usually. have heard some people using it on older bikes. pclll is usually used o 2008 and older.you'll get varying opinions on their use. my bike had an off-on throttle burble that annoyed me. the filter and PCv took care of it.waiting for my exhasut it's on backorder from muzzy.should add 10-12 rwhp. will post when i know. hope this helps.
Thanks jrick , That did help now I am gussing like jetting a carb you really need a free flowing exsaust to really get the benefit of the PCv.

It will make the throttle respond better and get rid of the bog that I have felt . correct ?
it took care of mine. i orderd the bcm filter and PCv from fuelmoto. that took care of mine. the exhaust is for more power. they will email a new mapwhen they ship exhaust. waiting not so patiently.:rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes:
it's not optimistic with the 2010 it's probably not possilble without engine work, but mine is not a slipon, it's a full exhaust. complete from the head back. looked at all the high priced slipon's and decided the the cost to hp ratio was not to my liking so i ordered the full exhaust. just having to wait on muzzy to finish another run for the 2010's. seemed they guessed wrong on the popularity. have run a stock dyno and will run on same as soon as i get my exhaust and will poist any difference.:eek::eek::eek:
Guess I read wrong. If you are getting a custom tune it is possible. The weight savings alone is usually worth it.
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