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This will make a great sticky.................
Anyway This is on another forum I am apart of. There is alot of great info in this list for parts on other bikes that will work with our Z. If there are some others that you all might know of that is not on the list post it up and I will update the list.


- 03-04 ZX6R
- 05-06 ZX6R
- 04-07 ZX10
** ZX10 2008 forks are too long and will not work.**

Triples. You can use the 03-04 ZX6R Triples. The Z stem will press right into the ZX6r Triples.
You can use the ZX6R Stem but it is shorter and you can only get one lock nut to work. <--Not recommended
You can not mix the 636 lower triple clamp with the Z upper. The sweep and width is different.
If you use the 636 triples be prepared to have custom wheel spacers machined as the 636 triples will set the forks wider apart.

- 03-05 ZX6R
Mods Required: The '05 636 shock will NOT directly bolt in. The lower legs on the 636 shock are 2mm closer together, and there is a spacer inside the shock linkage which will not fit into it. Need to have 1mm milled out of the inside of each shock leg to get it to bolt in.

- '05 ZX10R
Mods Required: I've personally got one, just haven't installed it yet. Mods TBD...

- 01-04(?) GSXR600
Mods Required: Minor clearance probs, slightly too short

- 98-02 zx6, zx9, and zx12

Dog Bones
- ZX9 or ZX6
Mods Required: None required


- ZX10R Wave Rotors - fronts DO NOT fit, the mounting holes are offset

- z1000(03-06), ZX12R(05-07), and ZR-7S(03-05) front brake rotors are all the same

-ZX9R (02-04)320mm front rotors
No mods required direct bolt on

- 2001-2003 GSXR 600/750/1000 calipers
Mods Required: May require creative brake line routing or longer hoses

**If running the ZX6R Front End**
Pay attention to which brake set you get. 03-04 Look the same as 05-06 but if 05-06 brakes are used on the 03-04 Forks you will need to add 10mm Spacers on the caliper bolts. And will not work the other way. the 03-04 brakes will not have enough contact on the 05-06 forks set.


- Rear
2000-2003 ZX9

- Front
1998-2002 ZX6
2000-2002 ZX9


- Cams ('98-'03)
Mods Required: There's a few things required for this. Here's a great thread on it:
How to make 01-03 ZX 9R cams work. - RiderForums.com Community

- Flywheel / Stator / Cover ('98-'03)
Mods Required: Requires lengthening the wires by about 5-6 inches.
**will drop approx. 2 lbs. of rotating mass

-ZX10 (04-05) Throttle Bodies
Mods will include putting your sensors on and flipping them upside down (injectors on bottom)


JT Sprockets
Front JTF1537.16 (Same as '04 ZX10 16 tooth)
Rear JTR1489.42 (Same as '04 ZX10 42 tooth)

Renthal (courtesy of Parts411)
Front 1212-0036-pu $36 or someone mentioned 400-525-16P
Rear R184U-525-42-HA-pu $56

Sprocket Specialists
Front 572S-16
Rear 706-42


2001 ZX9R header
Modification required: Collector hits rear shock, needs to be slash cut and flipped 180 degrees.

Mods Required: Fab new hanger


Pod Filters, K&N Part #RC-1064
Mod Required: Airbox removal


Tail Components

- ZX6R
Mods Required: None


Clutch lever & Perch

- Almost any Kawasaki cable clutch & perch will fit

Rear Sets

I saw someone with a set of modified aftermarket ZX10 rearsets on their bike once. If you know who it was have them post up here on how they did it...
ZX10R rear sets will work. What you will need to do is drill a hole for the lower bolt as the bolt spread is different between the two. And you will loose the passenger pegs and exhaust brackets. You will need to weld ned brackets for the canisters and will need to be creative if you want passenger pegs.


2005-2006 ZX636 gauges are a direct bolt-on. Main difference is that the RPM range will be different and the 636 does NOT have a fuel gauge.

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^Unfortunately That has been looked at. The connectors are different. Maybe with creative wiring it may be possible but as far as I know it hasn't been done yet. I am with you i would love to be able to have an analog tach.

Also If anyone here as done any of the mods post up some pics. Might be helpful for someone that wants to do the same thing.

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Is it the '03-'04 zx6r tail section that is the same, or do all of them bolt up the same? I need to know for sure because I'm making my own tail and I need to get a cheap one that I can cut up. Airtech makes them, and they're cheap, for the '03-04 zx6r, but they make newer models too, thought about maybe doing something a little different.

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Anybody know if ZX10 speedos work on Z1000?
Dont really want to miss the fuel guage and have the RPMS that far off by buying a 636 guage, and have not seen a Z1000 guage pop up on ebay for a long time now.

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So let me get this straight. If I were to order a set of aftermarket wheels for my 2003 Z, lets say ones that were made for a 2002 ZX9R, they would fit? Bearings, spacers, rotors, axle, and all of that? Just wondering because companies are few and far between to offer wheels for the Z, but there are plenty out there for the ZX9R. Anyone tried this?

BTW, as far as kawasaki parts is concerned, I believe the rear wheels have the same part numbers. The fronts don't exactly match though, the numbers in front of the dash are the same, but after the dash they differ.

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i just heard that a zx1400 rear wheel will bolt onto a z1000 ,rear caliper will fit if you modify the hanger,and if you do the zx636 front end mod,the zx14 front wheel will fit too.2003 zx636 shock is a direct bolt on as is the 636 and zx10 linkage........

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on another rider forum they r putting single sided swingarms off of a vfr on zeds. also using zx10 throttle bodies on them too. have to use individual pods instead of an airbox

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they r also using zx9 flywheels & stators. makes the z rev up alot faster.
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