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I just wanted to find out what "standard" mileage everyone recommended between oil changes.... I have put right at 2500 miles on mine since I bought it, and I didn't know if you treated it the same as a car, or if the interval needed to be shorter or longer than the 3000 miles I use with my four legged vehicles.... Also, how regular do you oil your chain.... I usually try to do it once a week (40 miles round trip 3-4 times a week) Obviously if I wash it or ride in the rain I will lube it more, but when it is dry, this is what I have been doing.....

Any thoughts? Any other PM stuff I should be doing? I am used to owning old dirtbikes held together with zip ties and duct tape.... I want to make sure I take good care of this one..... She is my baby!!!
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had to recheck your intro to see what year your bike is.( 2007) the book says 3750 for 2010. not sure about 07. didn't notice an oil thread on here yet you may have just started it. i normally change oil in every bike i have owned, except the 4 harley's, at 3000. harley said 5000. i'm debating what i'm going to do on the new one.did first service at 500 with castrol 10w40 m/c oil. will switch to synthetic after next oil change. i always change filter every time.like to use wix. some guys change their at oil way less miles. depends on how and where you ride. book says lube chain every 400 miles or when dry. that's whay i do. i use no sling clear lube or chain wax when i can get it. less mess. i figured i was the only one on here who didn't sleep much.
3,000 miles is pretty darn conservative, so that's what I do unless I'm using synthetic. Long as you're not going beyond 3k miles, any oil will do. I use Castrol because it's inexpensive and they've provided some great advice online that is very much not "GO OUT AND BUY OUR SYNTHETIC IMMEDIATELY!" While they make more money on synthetic, it's better to wait on it according to them.

Running In | Ash On Bikes

"Peter Brett (lead Castrol engineer) says that they’ve discovered synthetic oils actually interfere with running in, for reasons which go beyond their low friction properties - there also seems to be a chemical process happening which hinders it. “Although you can treat an engine as fully run in after 500 miles, surface stabilisation continues for at least the first 5,000 miles of an engine’s life,” he says. “Synthetic oils actively prevent this from happening, and not simply by holding friction surfaces apart, although we still don’t know exactly why and how this happens. But there’s no doubt they inhibit the process itself. So the consequence of using a synthetic too early is your engine will never run in properly. I would even suggest waiting until 10,000 miles (16,000km) before using it in most engines subjected to normal use. Until then, you’re best to use an inexpensive but branded mineral oil.” "

Everyone's got an opinion on oil, though, that's for sure!

I lube my chain in line with the book's recommendations - 400 miles, like Rick said. More than that and it's just kinda wasteful. My favorite chain lube is from Dupont Teflon. Doesn't fling around at all. They just came out with 'Chain Saver' which I will use one my current lube runs out. DuPont Teflon Chain Saver - DuPont Teflon Chain Lube - webBikeWorld
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Rick, I work 2nd shift so I usually don't get to do my posting until later....

Thanks for the good info on the oil... I actually didn't know that about the synthetic. I didn't plan on running synthetic, but who knows..... I will just have to check on the price difference.....

Thanks for the info on the chain as well.. 400 miles seems like a good baseline for me to follow..... Should work out to be every 3-4 tanks of gas.... I can't remember the brand of lube I have, but it seems to work well. I notice a little "slinging" on the foward part of the swingarm, but aside from that, it works well....

I am still trying to get an owners manual for my bike, which is the reason for the silly questions.... I should be getting it in the next couple of days... I just haven't logged much maintenance time on scooters, so I want to make sure I'm not missing anything.....
a wise man once told me there are no silly questions, only silly answers. beast, i read that post before i did first service. glad i did. thans for the heads up.
Not a problem. I have an issue of researching things to death, especially when the normal answers that I find seem like they came from an infomercial. :p
The chain saver wax is the best that I have seen so far. I use it around every 500 miles or so and that is overkill.
today I changed my oil and filter at 1000 miles and plan to change it every 3000 after that.

TIP: after I finished refilling the oil w/four quarts started the bike and the oil light stayed on. Read someplace that you need to just loosen the oil filter enough to get the oil flowing and the light to go out well it worked seems strange that you need to do that but it worked so thought I would pass it on
i read that some where too. my light went right out, didn't have to do anything. odd that some have to burp. maybe type of filter used?
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