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New to this forum, WA State

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I have an 04 red have been on another forum since i bought it, just signed on to this one today.
Greetings all! :D
I live in WA state Tri-cities area.
I started a thread in performance any advice will be appreciated.
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Hey, welcome.
I have a 04 also, had it 3 weeks, not a bad bike at all, fun to ride picks up quick . I have a issue with the gas tank, it has rust lined in side going to remove the tank and clean in the am, I hope that's the reason for the bike bogging down on me. If you have had any problems in the past with yours, please drop me a line on things to look out for.

Cheers, and welcome once again canonfuji.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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