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Hello, all. I joined this forum because I have a new project bike, a 2007 Z1000.

A little bit about the bike: I purchased this as a project off of the original owner, my college friend. He bought the bike new in 2007 shortly after we graduated, rode it for a few years, put a little over 7k miles on it, and then his then-girlfriend now ex-wife convinced him to stop riding. He put the bike in the backyard of his house in San Diego and covered it with a tarp. He would start it occasionally. The last time it was registered was 2015 and, at some point, the tarp broke and the bike was exposed to the elements and salt air. My friend moved in with his new girlfriend and rented out his house. The renter wanted it gone, so I offered to buy it off him.

I was not aware the bike had sat, uncovered, outside for so long and renegotiated the price. I ended up getting it for $2k. My DNE (do not exceed) number for getting this bike road worthy is $4k. I'm tracking it with a spreadsheet. This is just for getting it road worthy...Once it's running, I might add accessories.

About a month ago, I took the train down to SD from LA, rented a UHaul, and trailered it back. The condition when I picked it up wasn't great; No front brakes (master cylinder reservoir was broken and water got in), dead battery, broken rear turn signals and fender, general corrosion and chalky plastics from UV damage, frozen gas tank lock, and a broken upper triple tree (the bike got stolen at some point and recovered).

I've ordered ~$1400 in parts so far, to include a fuel pump, sending unit, fender eliminator, grips, LED turn signals/headlights, random hardware that was missing, triple tree (used), front master cylinder (for the core; I have a rebuild kit), LED turn module, rear seat, and battery. Most of the OEM stuff I ordered off of PartZilla is back ordered indefinitely due to the mess at the ports, so right now I'm at the mercy of shipping. In order to get it road worthy, the only things I think I haven't ordered yet are tires and a chain, which should keep me right around the DNE value.

I also bought a Hayes Manual for it, mostly for the wiring schematic and torque specs.

What I've done/fixed so far:
1. New fender eliminator and LED turn signals (front and rear)
2. New battery installed.
3. Front master cylinder rebuilt with junkyard core (the piston was rust welded in mine) and new reservoir.
4. Front and rear brakes both bled with new fluid.
5. Gas tank removed. I had to drill the lock. I was a science experiment inside. I (unsuccessfully) tried cleaning it myself using tank cleaner and fresh gas. It didn't work, so I dropped the tank off at a radiator shop for them to flush it. We will see how that goes.

There's oil in the bike and the engine cranks freely. I truly believe that once I have a clean tank and a new pump, she will start right up.

I'm not sure what direction I'm going with this project yet. I'll probably end up keeping it for a little while then selling it, but not sure. I don't really need the money and I more enjoy wrenching on things. I definitely won't lose money if I sell it. Depends on if I fall in love or not.

I joined because I'd love to get some input on what direction I should go with this. Also, what are some common fail points I should address with preventative maintenance?

Pictures coming soon.

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I used to love spannering (wrenching to you USA folk!) but not so much these days. I used to buy crashed bikes and enjoy building them back to better than they were originally. The key factor for me was to buy cheap enough so if I found more damage than I'd seen,then I could just break the bike and not lose money.

From the sound of things so far,personally I'd have liked to have paid less than the 2k,but if the money doesn't matter,then you may not be far off anyway. I don't know what US prices are like for the Z,but I don't want to be buying a non-runner for the same price as a rough runner.

Anyway,I look forward to reading about the progress. Get a few pics up too,that'll perk some interest.

Good luck. (y)
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