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New old guy

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Hey folks. I've ridden since I was 15 and have had a Vulcan 1600 since 2003. I think I have a buyer for that bike so I went today to visit a guy who had just posted his Z1000 to Craigslist. Couldn't resist . . . I brought it home with me. :). I'm in Mississippi (yes, it's miserable hot right now) and am 60 yrs. old.
I could sure use some direction as to some accessory pieces for my bike. I'd like recommendations for a tankbag. I'd also like some risers to move the bars a bit higher and back toward me a little. I don't know if such an animal exists, but I'd also like to find a kit to move the pegs and controls just a bit down and forward. I guess I can get used to it as is, but would sure like these add-ons. Also, any recomendations you may have for pieces I haven't mentioned here, but you think would be useful.
Thanks a bunch.
Looking forward to hanging out here and making some new friends.
Phil Harkins
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welcome. what year is your bike? makes a difference on parts. hit active topics at top of page there is a tankbag thread.
Thanks. It's '06. I'm open to any recommendations for stuff I might need that I haven't even considered yet.
mostly right wrist control. if not maybe a good lawyer.
must be something special about Z 1000s with geezers. i am 63 and just got my 04 Z 1000 a few months ago. the 03-06 are very naked .good find. i find my bike very comfortable for a sport bike. hard to believe that little seat works as good as it does. no problem with this old body.
welcome to the site. theres a lot of threads right now about different mods for the z1000. most of them are for the 2010 though.
that's a big big 10-4 notabiker. i'm 54 air wolf is right in between us if i remember right. we old timers appreciate the upright naked or nearly naked look. bike is not a rack. 2 to 3 hundred miles not a problem. and i have a pinched nerve in my lower back. this bike leans me ahead far enough to take pressure off. harley was killing me.
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