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The more and more I see these GEN 1. I like them a lot. 馃お They make a really cool belly pan for that bike to you if you haven鈥檛 found it already.

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I have seen some, more then likely one will eventually make it's way on there, not just for the look but hopefully to keep some things off and protect it in some way even if just a little. Did my frame sliders tonight, got my tag and all done earlier, inspection asap ... Now just need the weather to cooperate 馃様. Eventually I'll hook up the laptop to see what's on the PC3, looking for maps is no small task it seems ... Maybe a dyno run in the future to see where it's at and if anything could use some improvement or just to be left alone. The clip ons where interesting, can't say for sure I've seen this type / style of them before. Those bar end blinkers are definitely coming off when I get the other one's I ordered. It's definitely a head turner.
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