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New kid- Ninja 1K

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Blaim YSR for my appearance/posting, I was happy to just lurk. ;)

New Ninja 1000 owner. Owned a fleet of Kawis in my 40 years. Did a lot of reading on this site b4 making my choice. 'Preciate the help. :cool:

Without further ado, the requisite photo:

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NICE!!! Enjoy the new ride - shiny side up!
Welcome to the site!

Congrats on the new bike! Very nice and enjoy it!!
i could ride that. no problem. enjoy the great all around sport bike. i hope KAWA sells tons of them.
Some small mods completed....trimmed the fender, removed the front reflectors, removed the "Ninja" and "1000" stickers (and all the other stickers). Also installed my Powerlet outlet. Orderred an Akra 4-2-1-2 exhasut with dual Ti cans, Bazzaz Z-FI, BazzazZ-AFM, and Muzzy fender elim. Also talked to Mike at Traxxion and he's going to install the AK20's I had in my ZX10R into the Ninja 1000 forks and retrofit my Penske double clicker shock. They haven't done an AK 20 install in a 2010 Z1000 (or Ninja 1000) yet so I'm getting the labor free (woot!). The good news for the Z1000 riders is they will have an AK20 option spec'd out. They have already done a custom revalve so they have those specs ready to go currently.

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was comfort the reason to ditch the zX10r and get the ninja 1000 ?
Sorta... I had a 07 ZX10R and an 07 ZX14. I basically wanted their offspring. Actually the Ninja1K is more comfy than the 14 IMO. I may end up getting a dedicated track bike, but we'll see how this bike behaves on track once the suspension is sorted.
Bump'n my own intro thread to re-intro myself as your newest moderator. :eek:ccasion:

The N1...well, it's sit'n on stands waiting for the ECU to be returned to me. More on that later after I've had a chance to evaluate the results. But I think it'll set the site a'buzz a'bit for the N1 and 2010-11 Z1 owners. :cool:

yes...I'm a tease.. :p
Welcome. Nice ride.
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