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Hi all,

Michael here,

27yrs old from South Africa and ride for "Wicked n Wild mcc".

After many years of riding my trusty RVF400 i decided it was time for an upgrade so in 2009 i bought myself a 2008 model Z750.

Great bike and i really loved it up until the point i got a tank slap and was high sided on a straight rd.... that was March 2010.

After having the zed there wasnt anything else i really wanted so mid Oct 2010 i picked up a 2007 Z1000 in beautiful condition at a great price... two days later a 76yr old woman changes lanes, not seeing me her front left wheel impacts the right side clutch cover.... smashes it to bits and rips a nice chunk of my engine casing along with it... talk about Bad luck.

Her insurance paid but i now im waiting for a 2008 motor to arrive in SA from UK.

My Z750 crash!

My Z1000 on day 1.

And my Z1000 now waiting for a new motor... didnt drop her tho :)

But nice to be with some Zed fanatics.

Lets hope that 2011 brings me better luck.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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