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MotoCzysz E1PC all electric motorcycle

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I was just reading through some article about the Tourist Trophy race and came across this bike so i decided to do a little research into it. The specs look pretty plus the fact that its electric means it instant torque. Only drawback is it wont have the same top end as a gasoline powered bike. Would you ride or buy one of these if you got the opportunity?

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id ride one but wont buy one. i need the roar of the engine on a gasoline powered bike. that thing will just be too quiet for my taste. id does look good though and looks like it can perform.
Just like expected the E1PC dominated it's class and won with more than a 2 minute lead over the 2nd place finisher.

that was pretty expected. he had one of the fastest avg speeds for his class. only way he would've lost is if he crashed.
Expected? I guess if you follow that closely, but ...WOW... almost 100 mph on an electric bike... that's pretty cool.
I like the idea of an electric bike... Brammo Empulse maybe... but as a back-up or commuter bike only. Not enough range on them yet. The MotoCzyz would be WAY out of my school teachers price range.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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