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more wating

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called fuelmoto today they called their supplier who called muzzy, whew. after much run around from them jamie found out that muzzy still hasn't finished their run yet.may be two or more weeks. they are shipping pcv with map for bcm filter and will email me new map when pipe arrives . they were very nice. asked if this was satisfactory. i said yes, for now. taht yoshi is looking better every day.
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Good things come to those who wait?
i have used that very line myself.
Pretty wild that you're getting another delay on it. I'm sure it'll be great, but I'd be pretty irritated.
love my MUZZY 04 full system. ya gotta put a MUZZY on a kawa. now if you had a suzuki the Yoshi would be the right choice.
in the old days late 70's early 80's i ran a krker slipon on my ltd 1000 and then on my gpz 1100. but muzzy and kawi go together like salt and pepper. i am irritated, but it's muzzy's fault. the demand was higher trhan the supply and they haven't caught up yet, z sales have never been stellar. evidently 2010's are starting to catch on. i'll wait a while longer and see what happens. if i get my money back something will surely happen and i'll have to spend it. i'll let them keep it awhile longer.
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