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Lets see your Helmets!

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I dont think this has been started yet... So lets see them!

This is mine. Bell Star Roland Sands Design C-note. I love love love this lid.

Oh ya... and thats the transitions lens. Super badass feature. gets dark in the sun and lightens up at night. So no need to switch back and forth!!!

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See my avatar. Bell Star Viper for me. Where did you get the lens at?! I want one!
Oh dude... so AWESOME...


Well worth it!

I was actually looking at getting the Viper as well. Bell is making amazing looking helmets right now!

I'll look one up, I've been anticipating the release of it. I have the Dark Gold Iridium which I love, but It's a pain carrying my clear shield under my jacket if I go on long rides. Thanks for the info!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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