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Leaving Fellas

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Good luck to everyone with your bikes and riding.Leaving the forum,trading to Z in for a meanstreak.The bike was fun but i've developed a problem with my shoulder and is becomming more and more painful to ride it.I traded in my last cruiser in on the Z cause i looked like more fun,well it was for 3 months but now my shoulder just cant take the downward pressure.Hope all goes well,,C-ya's
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sorry about your shoulder. believe it or not, i traded from a cruiser(07 street bob) to zrx because it laned me far enough forward to take pressure off lower back left leg went to sleep all the time. got to hurting so much riding was no fun. enjoy your ride,means are just that, very cool. do you have to have a z ot post here?
oh yeah, forgot to mention traded zrx for 2010 z1000. i can still post right? leg feels even better now. walk much better too since my wallet is lighter.
i am 63 and am thankful i can still enjoy a sport bike. the old body is hanging in their. at least you still will ride.
Tough luck, man. No need to leave if you don't want to, though - I still frequent the Honda599.com forums!

It might be a bit late to mention, but maybe a sport touring bike with more wind protection would work out better for you - more sporty than a cruiser and hopefully sans-pain? Ah well. Long as you're riding, it's all good.
sorry to hear that. you dont really need to have a z to stay here. at the end of the day were just all people have like the z. it doesnt say anywhere that you have to own one. good luck with the new ride.
Sorry to hear that. I've got bad shoulders myself. I know of what you speak. Luckily you will still be riding. Shiney side up my friend!
I just traided my cruser for 2010 Z 1000 becouse of back would hurt when ever I rode it
now back is happy and having a blast. good luck
life can be ironic in the motorcycle kingdom. one man's poison is another man's sustenance.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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