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Hi everyone,

I've recently purchased a new bike - Kawasaki Z1000sx 2016 with 14k km. It has been served at the dealership regularly. Previously I've been riding Honda VFR 800Vtec 2003.

I got to say - kawa has been a great upgrade, the handling, agility, power, comfort and reduced vibration during the riding has been really welcomed by me.

However I've noticed a few things that bother me:

Fuel pump starts every time, but makes humming noise (which i'm used to, but then at the end it adds a bit of cracking/ticking noise as well). Shouldn't fuel pump result in even humming noise from start til end?

This leads me to second issue - when engine is cold ( between 2 til 12 degrees Celsius) it starts after 5-8 turns as long as i give a little power by handle and hold it for 10 seconds. If i let gas handle right after start it will stall right away. It fires up normally when engine is warm.

Could this be due to fuel pump if that crackling sound isn't normal?

My Honda didn't behave like that and started on the first crank every single time even after deep winter sleep.

I still have 2 month used purchase warranty at my dealership, but i'm unsure if what i experience is normal for kawa or not. ( It's going to snow here in about 1-2 weeks so i have to use warranty now if that's the case )

I'll upload a video with the sound later as well.
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