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Kawasaki Z1000 Exhaust for sale

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I have the stock dual cans off my 06 Z1000 that are in excellent shape with 12k miles on them. I put a new after market slipon system on the bike so I don't need them any more. Make me an offer I would rather have them go to someone who needs them instead of tossing them in the trash that seems like a waste.
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some day the EPA just might make you put that stock system back on. not for noise , for smog. you are eliminating the catilitic converter. my guess the stock mufflers will cost over 1,000 dollars.
if i were you (and i will be in the same place shortly). i'd find a place to hang it. taht;s what i'm going to do. some day you may want to sell it you have the option of putting it back stock first if you want.
hi, i dont know if youve sold your exhausts yet, but maybe you can help answer my question.....heres a copy of my recent post....
stock exhaust
can someone please help. Last week I sold a pair of stock z1000 exhausts on ebay. Now the chap who bought them has come back to me saying that there was a dent on the back of the left hand side exhaust. Now to me this didnt look like a dent caused by a mishap, but maybe one put into the pipe during manufacture process. The dent is roughly located on the link pipe, roughly where the stand would come into contact. Please have a look at your own exhausts and advise if you have the same dent,
PS....I've tried uploading picture of a similar dent on a different exhaust


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