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Just bike jacked someone for an 04 Z1000

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Hi there everyone. I just robbed some guy for a bike just like 45 mins ago, and through my internet searching, I found out that it's an 04 Z1000.

I haven't rode for a few years now and have been itching to get back on something. It was like a sign from heaven when I walked out of the pub to find that little guy sitting on top of the Z. He looked so tiny and helpless. Like a kitten lost from it's mother.

So anyway, long story short, I have a new to me 04 Z that I'll be needing help to upgrade it so I can disguise it from the law.

I kid, I kid. But I do need help with learning about this bike and I'll be asking lots of questions and searching for answers.

Just wanted to say "hi". See you guys around this forum.
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You had me going there for a sec. I thought troll for sure! Welcome to the site!
same with me. you had me going for the first few lines. i was like this is really dumb if you did steal that bike and just admitted about it online. welcome to the site. there a lot of z experts here that will be more than happy to help you out. some of them even have the older z's so they should be able to answer most of your questions.
:cool:... ahh another story teller.. :eek: Good luck with the new Z... For a few quid I can prolly get ya cuffed and stuffed... if ya get my drift...LOL
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