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I must say I love the Z1000 appearance

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I would have to say the appearance of this bike is my #1 reason for purchasing it.... it is gorgeous, and affordable too!

I am looking to hopefully do an exhaust, HID headlamp, and maybe something better with the tail.
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I totally agree! The look and feel was the reason I purchased it. What color did you get? I went with white/orange (I'm a huge Texas Longhorns fan!)
I would have to say the appearance of this bike is my #1 reason for purchasing it.... it is gorgeous, and affordable too!

I am looking to hopefully do an exhaust, HID headlamp, and maybe something better with the tail.
I would have to agree with that as well... I had the 2003 model, and when I saw this, my tongue fell out of my head! Gorgeous styling, aggressive. And the price was right as well.

First thing to go are those ugly pipes though - same as with the 2003 model!! Ive ordered a pair of M4's - they have black GP Style shorty pipes that look pretty sick mounted on the bike, and they are cheap as well (under $500 for the pair). But, Ive noticed that the muffler on the right side of the bike has an exhaust valve on it - wondering what I do with that when I install the aftermarket pipes??

Ive seen some from Akropovic as well, and they look really nice (as far as craftsmanship), but I didnt like how the look on the bike - and let's face it, THAT is the most important part, right??
Heck yes.

HID's though... Naw. Not my taste. There really isnt much to change. Mirrors, exhaust, and tail kit. Done!
a new Z 1000 will do things very few riders can handle. sad that so many guys think they need a un comfortable crotch rocket to be happy. i do not want to own a racing bike with turn signals added. the power on my Z could get me into a lot of trouble real fast . i bought my Z 1000 becouse it looks great and is a naked bike.
I have had more complements on the 2010 Z pipes, seriously, tons, I'm actually sorry the bike is going under the knife to change the stock pipes to apro pipes.

On the power issue, sport bikes (or crotch rockets if you need to), have a purpose, and on the track. If you don’t go there, you wouldn’t understand. And if you think that only a small percentage of riders to, than you haven’t seen how fast track days fill up months before.

I thought I would be able to sell the GSXR1k once I got the Zed, but It will stay around a s a track day only ride.
I just sold my GSXR1K to buy this bike and must say I made the right decision. I love the styling as well. I am not going to do much to my z Exhaust, mirrors, and seat. And that's it. The bike is great the way it is!
my friend has a stable of fast bikes. i have been on all of them. the power and speed is something else. still i would rather ride my slower but not slow z 1000. it just feels right. my ego does not need 182 RWHP to have fun.if you want that kind of power god bless you. fine by me. really.
I just have to say i have been a bike mech for a few years,and the time venders now spend on tuning is invaluable.
My first ideas i had for my2010 zed was exhaust and fi box.
But after the almost a 100 mile ride home omg,what was i thinkng?
The sound is great espescially the intake,and 33mpg is that worth giving up for a few ponies? You,ll never really use more top end than this beast allready offers.
The power is everywhere! I do belive it is geared a llittle low for my taste.
6th could be a lot taller but wtf its Great!
The seat is a wedgie machine though.
Im a huge corbin fan..but they offer nothing for us yet.
Have contacted them and they are working on it.
I have noticed the factory seat is becoing more compliant with time though,so they better work fast or my butt may conform before i need a new saddle!
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I loved the look and seating position of my 06 Z 1000. I got rid of the stock mufflers and went with Two Bros Racing slip-ons, PCIII, and a speedo healer due to the speedo being way off.
I agree with Barry, who designed the seat, it does get better with age, but I think thats my *** loosing feeling and my pain threshold going up. I take back what I said about power and this bike, sorry, I corrected myself. With the pipe, it's close enouth to the track hardware to make excuses to loose the gsxr, even stock it gives much more than it takes. I'll miss the top end rush and ease of passing twins, but this is worth it. Handeling it feels closer to my klr than my gsxr, and thats a good thing.
Very happy with the look of this bike as well. I am still a sucker for custom anything and in this case it will start with some custom paint mods and a few loudly anodized accesories.
Just bought my bike in June, and I feel like a rockstar everywhere I ride. Lots of fellow riders & non-riders just want to talk about this bike. Everyone is positive & love the looks. The styling is like nothing else on the road.
Oh & did I mention the power, intoxicating! Sometimes a little scary, the bike spins the back tire going into third gear. The exhaust note is just right & looks awesome. Also love the sound coming from the airbox. Can u tell how exciting it is the ride this beast!!
I'm clearly not riding the bike hard enough, because I haven't had the back tire lose traction. Woe is me!
i did yesterday, but it was because the peg was scraping so bad that it lifted the bike. i thought about lowering it til then. now i need to raise it and get kiss boots.
I had to have a full fared bike as I didn't like nakeds, until I saw the 2010 Z1000 at the dealers.
Love at first sight!
Even the mufflers! I think they go well with the style of the bike, can't say the same for the earlier model bazookas!
Only mods made, fender eliminator, radiator guard & a tank guard.
Other than that, happy with the way Kawasaki made it, including the awsome power!
If your seat is still not comfy after it fully breaks in, go here:


For $100-125 shipped, you can have your seat fixed. I've heard nothing but good things from people who have used his service.

Re: the Z vs. a SuperSport. It's not that guys need an SS to be happy, I think they feel they need it to be "cool," whatever that is. It must be an age thing. I'm 42, and I really don't give a rat's *** what people think of my bike choice. Or my ATV choice (Polaris). Or my snowmobile choice (Arctic Cat). Get what you want, not what you think others want you to get.

I'll keep the stock pipes too. Yeah it'd be nice to drop some weight, but I like the sound, and I don't want a loud bike. Besides, I have better things to do with $1000.

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i got some more seat time on my friends 2010 Z 1000. nothing negative to say. even with the 2 bros slips it is much quieter than my 04 z 1000 with a full muzzy. the sound is nice coming out . if you do not want the law coming down on you just do the slips. but if you want to be louder ditch the slip on mufflers and get a full system. i would say the seating position is slightly better on the 2010 than my 04. the bars have a little more rise and pull back. the trans shifts a little smoother on the 2010. i love the stock seat on my 04 ,even at 63 years old the seat is fine. both bikes look killer ,but i still like the style of my 04 better. the power in the lower gears seems about the same on both bikes. but in the higher gears the roll on power in the mid range is better on the 2010.from 7,000 rpm to red line the 04 is just as fast i think. both bikes feel light ,you can flick them around like a 600 sport bike.
my bottom line is if you like the looks of the older Z1000 and can find a mint one for under 5,000 i would do it. if you like the newer style more and have the money for a new bike get the 2010.
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i work at a very popular resturant in my area and you know i it really sucks when all the hareys park next to you but when you come out for a smoke break,, the tourists are snapin pics of your bike .
Not the pigs..oh xcuse me the hogs !
43 models this year but only 5 frames give me an fn break!
I like ridin everything and have but come on????
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