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I just can't decide....

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My next bike will be the Z1000, picked for comfort over my last ride, a gsxr-600.

I want something with a bit of colour this time, (as my previous 2 bikes were black), and have narrowed my choice to the green one or the orange & white version available here in Australia.

I've added a bit of colour to these pics which I would probably plan to paint on the real thing, but now can't decide which one I like the best.

Help me decide please.


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i like the one on the left, but don't listen to me i'm colorblind. really, not totally but have trouble telling some shades of most colors apart. still i like the first one , whatever color it is.:confused::confused::confused::confused:
Hope you can get a white one in Sydney (if that's your final choice)
I got the last one in Melbourne & Kawasaki said they weren't bringing any more white ones into Australia and the next shipment would be the 2011 colours (green or black)!
I like the red, white, black myself. I have the black/silver took all the decals off, and I'll trim her out in red accents. Like the red Exhaust bits! Either colour shes a blast!
Yeah, I'm sort of leaning back towards the orange and white again, after considering the green when I first saw it; especially if I paint the extra bits I've edited in the photo too.

There are some orange/white ones still available in Sydney, but I'm not rushing into anything, the green is a favourite anyway, depending what's available when I'm ready. I will definately be getting the headlights modded to both come on at the same time though, had enough of the single side headlight idea.
I hope they don't bring back the black. I have seen 3 orange ones around Orange County, but never a black one, and never a non stock one.
I've put a deposit down on an orange and white one, after seeing one in the flesh next to the green one. Now the agonizing wait.....
I did that after seeing the white after the black!
Never been a 'green' person. Bikes or cars!
the black sparkles in the sun. the metallic is a nice touch. haven't seen a white one up close yet.
i wanted the white one with the orange but could not find it, settled for the black one instead. then 2011 green came out and i think i'm changing the black colors to green. either i should have waited for the 2011 or asked more questions prior to buying.
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