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How many Kawasaki bikes have you owned?

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The Z1000 will be my second. :D
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My Z was the first Kawi, but I have owned several bikes. 97 Kat 600, 98 (?) CBR F3, 00 CBR F4, 02 CBR 954, 03 VTX 1300C, and I'm trying to sell an 02 VTX 1800S.
in 04 i bought my first KAWA. it was a 1 year old ZRX 1200 it was love at first site.
i bought my 04 Z 1000 a few months ago. it was love at first sight also. kawasaki makes some nice bikes.
I am on my 3rd Kawi. Love em, but had several honda's.
1 Ninja 250
3 Ninja 636's (Titanium Silver, Blue, Black) two were stolen
2 Z1000's (2008 is my current ride)
I had a 96 KX500 motocrosser, and now my 06 Z1000. I've owned a whole bunch of Hondas though........
The Z1000 will be my second. :D
My first bike was a 1982 yamaha 400 2nd bike was a 1973 honda cb500four 3rd bike was a 1982 new kawasaki ltd1000 4th was a 1992 kawasaki 750 zephyr I had it for 12yrs loved it. 5th bike was a kawasaki 2007 z1000 bought new in 07 totaled at deals gap in 07 6th bike was another 2007 kawasaki z1000 bought in 2009 new sat for 2yrs at dealer
Oh man....a few too many...

My first was a 1984 Ninja 600R.
then.... 1994 ZX7, 1995 Ninja 250 race bike, 1996 ZX7RR (one of 350 imported to the USA...unfortunately, the guy I bought it off had blown the engine, so it had a stock ZX7R motor, but was otherwise a RR model). Then a crashed racing and broke my collar bone - and couldnt take that "monkey f**king a football" riding position any longer. So I got the 2003 Z1000 in black. That got stolen, so I replaced it with a 2003 Z1000 in orange. Just sold that (along with my Honda Shadow) to finance the purchase of the 2010 Z1000 in white/orange.

So, this is my 7th Kawasaki.

Yeah, i bleed green :)
This is my second Kawasaki. My previous bikes:

1983 Honda Magna V45
1988 Honda Hurricane 1000 (CBR1000)
1983 Honda Nighthawk 650
2009 Kawasaki Ninja 250
2010 Kawasaki Z1000

I have been very impressed with Kawasaki lately. They have a great lineup of motorcycles. They are one of the few manufacturers to offer sport bikes geared towards *street* riders (e.g. Z1000, Ninja 650). Their bikes are also fairly inexpensive, when compared to, say, Honda. I went to a motorcycle show last winter and noticed that Kawasaki's fit-and-finish on most models is excellent. My $3,999 Ninja 250 had a higher quality look than many more expensive sport bikes.

The Z1000 is one of the best motorcycles I have encountered. So smooth and easy to ride, yet wicked fast.
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back in 2003 when i got back into motorcycles [ 93 honda 750 night hawk] dont laugh it was a very good bike [for somebody else] i was looking at a suzuki 1200 bandit. i used to be a loyal suzuki owner. well sitting next to it was a ELR 02 ZRX 1220r. i kept looking ant the bandit and the ZRX. that was my first KAWA. i dream green now.
Kawasaki KIPS150cc (1988)/Ninja250R (08)/ER6N(09) Z1000(2010)
for me it would be two, My 2003 Z1000 and an old 1998 KX125 i used to ride back in the day!
first real motorcyle was a ke100 69 or 70 can't remember next were other brands. first big bike was a 79 ltd 1000. bought it used in 81. wrecked it in 82. bought an80 kz1000 for parts and put ltd back together as a kz. also purchased what i think was a 80 classic 1000 for parts. in 88 bought an 85 gpz 1100 fuel injected. sold them all in 91 to move to arkansas. got married raised a family. got divorced in 2002. son gave me an 81 suzuki 550. traded up to 700magna then 750 nighthawk. in may 03 bought new blue zrx 1200r. came over backwards at 70mph in jan 04.had 10,000 miles on her. fixed her back with dale walker stage 2, pods, micron slipon, 16tooth front sprocket. another 25,000 miles later sold her and started buying harleys. 4 harleys later bought another 03 zrx 1200r this time green with kerker slipon. that was feb,010. last week with 10,000 miles added to the 18,000 that was already on it, made the mistake of testing 010 z1000. one week and over 700 miles later i have the first service done. can't keep the bugs off my teeth. pretty sure the front tire will last waaaaay longer than the rear. rick :D
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My Z is the first Kawasaki I've had. Always been a bit biased against them, though I guess it's mostly a styling thing. That, and the first guy I knew who was a big Kawasaki fan is a complete idiot.
Third bike, and third Kawasaki.

1. 91 EX500

2. 03 Z1000

3. 10 Z1000
NotaBiker, the 93 750 Halk was hidious, sorry, but the Kawi was the better chice, I think it was called the "zenith" or something.

how many Kawis? 5 I think, let me see.

Ninja 900
GPZ 11000
KZ 550
KX 125
GPZ 750
KZ 1000
KLR 650

I also had....

Vision 550
CB 750
FJ 1100
FZR 1000
FZR 1000 another year
GSXR 1000
Super Duke 990

The Z was the best bike ever
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hey zoid, i left out early small bikes; 69 150 suzuki twin, dr250 suzuki(forgot year) 72 cb350 8" over chopper, 76 cl350, 75 cb500t, 74 xs400, 75 xs650, 76 xs 750 dohc
My first bike was a yz80.Then a brand new 83 ke100.Then 82 kz400b1.Next was a brand new86 gs650glz.Then a falicon racing built 81 gs750 first real 4valver.Next was an 82 kz1000j...sweet bike with ultra smooth roller crank.Purchased in 85 for 2 grand what a deal brand new.But after 4 years in a kawi suzuki dealership and 3 years in an all out race street stip and dirt shop have been lucky enough to ride everybrand there is except for a vincent! One day, one day ill find a guy, pay him,get him drunk or both and i will be complete. That or i may just have to borrow one without asking.
If its yours dont worry ill bring it back....Just letting you know.
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