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Hi Everyone

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Just found this site on Google, Love the new model Z and hear awesome feedback about it.

Anyone here have any good stories?
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I just registered her, and went to the new members area but it seems its more of a general chat or swap meet, maybee I'm in the right area but can't figure it out. Thats probbially the case.

OK, I, just got it so I can give you some info.

I got the black 2010 with 1k miles on it, for 8k, with a few add ons

I love it, seating position, sound, look (for the most part), feel, dampning and all. I ditched my loaded Super Duke 990 to get it and wished I did it earlier.

Things I wish it did better? Power band could be a bit stronger, 1050 with only 125hp?, It pulls, but in 2010, this motor should be more powerfull than an 03 R1, the seat pushes me forward, not as much as the old one, but the shove is there, no temp light? I can live, actually the dash kinda grew on me, like the wheels, never saw that coming, the plastic piece in front of the tank could have been metal to make the magnetic tank bag industry sleep at night, throttle is a bit stiff making wheelies and launches somthing yo need to think about more than normal, front farring looks like Judge Dreds head, I would love another gear, or to add a tooth to the counter shaft, on the bottom it's nice, but top it's wanting to upshift.

The good, everything, I love this thing, the wind protection is much more than you would ever have imagined, my GSXR with a double boubble seems to have more air at 80 this this does, handeling is a whole new world, and I'm coming from a Superduke, KLR, GSXR 1K, R1, FZR1k, FJ1100, GPZ1100, 900 Ninja, and a few more, brakes are sport bike spech, or close, looks to die for, most angles, fit and finish leave nothing to wander for, excentrc adjuster? loved them in the 80s and still do, dash that reminds me of an early 90s pioneer pull out, remember them? easy to launch, don't even need the throttle, just let out the clutch, never saw that before, comes in black, kinda. And a few more things, I love it. Oh, one more bad, it needs a steering dampener. bad.

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that is some good feedback right there!

I was real surprised at the wind protection as well... very very surprised!
Duck Hunter, do you work for Kawi? I get that feeling, but I thought I saw you were in Florida. Email me if you can, dpryor at ocnetworking dot net

Lets see if that address gets controlled.
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