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Hey all! From Tennessee

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New to the Z just bought one last night love it. I wonder why more people don't love this bike!! lol So far I have all of my friends wanting one. And we all ride hopped up gixxer's and r6's and r1's. that say's alot! Actually sold my GSXR1000 with cam's, carbon yosh exhaust, TRE, Power commander3, and much much much more done to long to list, to buy this bike! Didn't know at first if I made the right decision. So far I am convinced. IMO This is the only way to go.
Here's a pics of the old bike

So I sold it yesterday afternoon. And last night picked up this 05' Z1000

So being fellow Z people, Would you have made the trade. I didn't do it even, I still had about $900 left over. I am thinking power commander and a little paint work from where he dropped it on his trailer.
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I don't know price/value wise, but I prefer my 08 Z1000 to my buddie's 09 (08?) CBR600RR. In the tight hill twisties around here he has me beat- we switch off and as you know the clip ons put you in a much m,ore purposeful riding position. It feels more, "natural" going crazy fast into a turn. And, over 120-130 on the highway it feels easier, again because of position and the aero's of the bodywork. But in the real-world, where I live and ride, my bike is much more comfy to ride to work, home, school, the bar, (all in one long day) without back aches, and I can still whip almost anything (2 or 4 wheels) I need to. Not a good track bike, or long distance tourer, but in the middle- where most riders live- pretty tough. Super-Naked, all the way.
Welcome to the forum.
I never even considered a full faired Super Sport when I got my 03. You have made a great choice.
Hmm.. all this is sounding very familiar! lol

Nice bikes, the old and new. :)
^I take it you done something similar? lol
I have a gsxr750 that I'd like to sell to help fund the purchase of a new Z1k. :)

(Or maybe a 675, but don't beat me for saying that here) hahaha...
my friend has in order
1. benelli 1130 naked
2. b king
3. zx 14
4. 09 v max
5. 2010 z 1000
i have been on them all .fantastic bikes. i never ask to swap bikes on a ride cuzz i am crazy about my mint green 04 z 1000. REALLY
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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