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help me win a z1000, please, I need you

I'm participating in a contest where I was selected by the sentence.


"Feel good about yourself and take your senses to the fullest, crosses the mountains, show your dominance over the curves and enjoy beautiful scenery"

All those who enjoy these feelings help me to earn a motorcycle KAWASAKI Z1000
It is one vote per day until November 30. So until the end of the contest I count on their votes. In advance thanks to all.

Enter the link, give my name looking f control VIKURAUDO. I'm at the end.

Concurso el mejor motociclista de colombia 201O - Ganese una Kawasaki Z1000 moto concurso de motos

By vikuraudo at 2010-11-23

I'm sure with the help of all may participate in this great world of high-powered bikes, of course when I earn it lol.
Again I thank all the moderators, and I mean that I love to have found a site dedicated only to the Kawasaki, and that I love your designs, quality, everything. Great site.

If the message has a fault, I want to notify me and the truth is I have very clear rules of the forum.

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I managed to get you four more votes... their poll is IP-based, so I used four separate computers to do it. You're up to 565 right now, but the most votes I see is around 1200.

A hobby of mine is hacking polls, but when they're IP-based, there isn't much I can do. :)

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