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Hello to all

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Hi there,

Let me intro myself. My name is Azlan and from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Previously using er6n and hopefully will get my z1000 by next week. Quite happy found this forum and looking forward to hear the advise from the experts.

have a nice day ! :D
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welcome. any difference between american bikes and where you are? maybe color or name. have read that some bike have different options in other markets. rick:D:D:D

Hello, and welcome to the fray. You'll find us a helpfull bunch along with some tongue in cheek remarks !!:D:D Seeings it early morning there now.. hope your day goes well.
thank you all...not so sure abt the diff..but here we got white and orange, white and silver and dark brown and gold. Maybe the same at your place as well...counting my day actually and due to limited stock, i go for dark brown with black seat (not with snake cover seat!)..hehehe...
glad to see you have a sense of humor. mine is metal flake black and silver. my brother says it has green metal flake, i can't tell because i'm color blind. i know it has metal flake, just can't tell what color. only other color here is white and orange. hope you get yours soon. how much in american money are they over there? how about insurance?
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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