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Hello from Orange County NY

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Pleased to note that i'll soon be picking up my very first 05 z1000 on Sunday. Super excited! I'm currently selling my 04 636 and have located and held the Z1000. Ive been riding for years now and have owned a bunch of bikes. This last one for around 3-4 years. Ive taken two advance level courses for riding, but havent gotten on the track yet. I can certainly get my knee down and i can say that the sparky wiz knee sliders are a favorite.Thought it was time to make some changes and fell in love with the z1000 after seeing just a few pics and reading write-ups. Ive been real happy with the 636 and hope to be even more happy with the 1000. The bike that I am getting has around 20k miles so I was just wondering from anyone out there if there is any particular things I should be looking it. Like I said I have been on bikes for years and kept up on maintanence but just wanted to know if there was anything in particular areas of concern or quirks I should know about other then normal wear and tear.

Oh, got to note that after riding my wifes bike with the diablo tires... they are much better then the pilots. I thought they were unreal. The new bike has got em to!!!
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