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hauling 2010 z1000 in truck

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HI, Tomarrow was planning on droping of my bike for the 600 mile service
allways have dealer do first service any way I was wondering does anybody know wher to mount the tie downs on the bike.

handelbars are the normal mounting point on mx bikes just don't know about the z

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when they did the dyno run on my new z they strapped to handlebars with cloth under straps left no marks.
thanks jrick , If would work on the dyno it should work for hauling the bike
Handlebars and, if possible, another spot near the rear of the bike.
if you're hauling the bike on the back of a truck wont the straps come loose if the suspension compresses from any bump on the road? also just like beast said its better if you have something in the rear. that way theres pressure in the front and rear of the bike to prevent it from moving too much.
when we haul my uncle's bike we compress front forks with rachet straps. sometimes we tie the back if the tail gate won't shut. of course 4 straps would be better if you have them. have run two with no problems. just sayin'
made the trip today with no problems -- pulled the straps in the frount good and tight
and used one ratchet strap through back wheel to each tie down in bed pulled tight

was the longest 10 miles (round trip) I can remember was very happy when bike was back in the stable and safe
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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