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Just wondering. It seems like parts for the Z aren't that abundant, so we've got to search around for parts and use multiple sources. Here are a few places I've found that are pretty good outside the usual places like kneedraggers.com or motorcyclesuperstore.com .

StreetFighter Inc.-StreetFighter and Sportbike accessories. One stop shopping for StreetFighters & Naked Motorcycles

Bought my brake lines and engine bolt kit here. Soon to buy a fairing too.

Billet Industries | Custom Billet Parts & Motorcycle Components | Full & Part Rebuilds | Yokes | Rises & Brackets - Marketplace - Kawasaki

Want some of these parts sooooo bad!

Rizoma | PVM Wheels & Brakes | Accossato | Titax Levers | Giannelli Exhaust | Arrow Exhaust | Titan Wheel Chocks -- CJmoto.com

Excellent selection... as long as you like Rizoma. Good stuff though.

List em up boys! List up the ones that are good! List the ones that are bad too to warn us all!

Just thought it might help some of us instead of posting a new thread every time someone is looking for anything. Keep em all in one place, ya know?;)
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