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Hi Folks,

I never thought I would be posting on a Kawasaki forum, but here I am. I have been looking for a replacement bike to my 2001 Honda CBR929RR that I sold almost a year ago.

I have been struggling with finding a machine that will step up to the sport touring duty, but retain the heart of a sport bike.

During my research, I came to the conclusion that the Yamaha FZ1 was the answer. The problem is that I was just not convinced that this was the right bike and that I was settling. This is the message I posted on the Yamaha FZ1 OA site:

Hi Folks.

I have been spending some time on this board trying to make a decision. There is tons of info and thought posting my specific issue would help.

I have found the love of sport-touring and have made some awesome trips.

I was doing it for a long time on a 2001 Honda CBR929RR. 8 states in as many years.

After my last trip to Utah, I realized that I was really uncomfortable in the sport bike position on the Loneliest Road in America.

So my first reaction was to get a bike that was more comfortable, designed to carry the gear I was already carrying and capable of some off-road antics (something that I could not do with the CBR).

In my finite wisdom, I came up with the bright idea of purchasing a 5 year old R1200GS.

While the bike was comfortable, designed to carry the gear I was already carrying and capable of some off-road antics, it was an absolute beast.

I knew within a few weeks of riding this Panzer that I had made a HUGE mistake. Just to make sure, I took it on a ride through the Sierras and even a forest road between Orland and Covelo in California.

It was fun, but I knew this was not a bike that I would have fun on like I did the CBR.

So I sold it. Made back what I paid for it. Except now, I have no bike at all.

Now I am looking for a new bike and I have some requirements.

  1. I want my horsepower back. The CBR served up around 129hp. The BMW was an even 100.
  2. The ergos need to be more comfortable. While I like the leaned-over sport position for a Sunday ride, riding long distances in that position gets old.
  3. I want a Big 4 Japanese bike. I find that they’re typically more reliable and for someone like me who is not as mechanically talented as others, I would be able to work out minor repairs.
  4. I want an inline four. I had such a great time on my CBR and the opposed twin of the boxer engine was just such a bummer, that I want that high RPM power again.

The first 2 requirements are hard and fast.

There may be a bit more wiggle room 3 & 4, but these are my first crack at it.

Of course cost is always a requirement and I am always looking for a deal. I plan on buying in the Spring when there might be some good deals.

With these requirements, I came up with only 2 candidates. The FZ1 and the Z1000.

And for the record, I am 6’, 220 (although I am working hard to lose some of that).

I love the look of the FZ1 and know the pedigree of it, but a little concerned that it may be a bit small to lug me around.

There has to be other options. I thought picking out a new bike would be fun, but with my last choice, I am a bit gun shy.

I appreciate any and all feedback. I want to make my next bike a brilliant purchase.
Well, well, well. Much to my surprise, what did I find? But a very intriguing bike called the Ninja 1000! Like I said, I never thought I would consider a Kawi. I have been a Honda guy for as long as I've been riding. But Kawi has come a long way over the last 10 years and I think they are really quality machines on par with their Japanese competitors.

The bike definitely covers all 4 requirements with flying colors with some additional perks that I had not counted on, like factory bags, adjustable windscreen and a great dash.

The only hook is the price, but I think I am comfortable with paying a little more if it means I get the bike I really want.

Anyway, sorry for the novel. Glad to be here. Looking forward to spending some time with you guys and gals.

Happy First Day Of Spring Eve! :eek:ccasion:


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If you can hold out til the Fall, you can probably get a good deal on a leftover. I got my 2010 Z1000 last October for $7700, got it in Oregon so no sales tax either. Couldn't pass that up.

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