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I bought this thing on eBay a few months back and have yet to install it. It's pretty easy, but if you have an aftermarket tail kit, it may not fit. It doesn't fit in the case of my R&G Tail Tidy, and I haven't been in the mood to modify the tailkit or the included mount.

Basically this is a pair of specially shaped "bars," one for each side of the bike, that run up the side (they're bent in such a way that they match the shape of the bike), and a piece mounts between the stock tailkit and the body, to act as the upper mount point. It then goes back and a black plastic rack piece fits and is positioned just behind the passenger seat. You can then clip on a Givi topcase. I can't remember right this sec which topcase works... MonoKey or MonoLock, I'll have to look later.

Anyway... I spent like $175 on this, would like to get rid of it for $125 OBO. I just don't see myself using it at this point.

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