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2003 Z1000. Trying to fix then mod.
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Sorry to create a new thread but after searching I could not find the info I was looking for.
I have a 2003 z1000 with 33k miles.
I bought the bike with stock pipes that someone appears to have chopped in half then reattached the tips to.

My motorcycle does not have any other upgrades that I'm aware of other then a k&n air filter.
I read everywhere on this forum that ivans upgrades are the way to go. After visiting his site it doesn't seem he still offers anything for the gen 1 zed. I'm curious if this is actually the case.
I want to know what my bolt on upgrades options still are for my bike.
It seems to run much better (more power) when the choke is halfway pulled while riding. I was actually told to do this by the previous owner.
I am also curious as to what maintenance I should do with the bike having this many miles and I have no service records.
Sorry for the long post. Thanks in advance for your time
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