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Fuel - Mileage

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I am getting about 120 miles per 3.5 gallons, the other 0.5 gal I guess is reserve so I have not have to fuel a full tank yet as soon I the light comes on I fill it up. Just wondering if you guys are getting more or less mileage. Again this is a brand new 2010 Z1000.
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Might be the way youre riding it, Franklin...

Im getting around 120-130 miles to 3 gallons, depending upon how much stupid fun I have in my commute. Ive noted that the fuel signal starts blinking, and I get to the gas station to fill it and it only takes three gallons. I think the reserve is one gallon. Thats what Ive noticed, anyway. Receipt always says 3.0125 (or somewhere close to *just* over 3Gal) gallons that I purchased...
I average 35mpg on my 2010. I go about 120 miles before I fill up.
Ninja 1000 after first month of ownership. 1171 miles/31.57 gal = 37.09 mpg. Well it could be better, but it never will be......great bike
Same here 128 miles lights on fill up 3.200 or so gallons :confused:
Low fuel light on Ninja is around 3.75 gals. down.
I get about 120 miles on 3 gallons if I drive good....

But that never happens
Mileage went up from 35 to 40 with around 1300 miles on the bike. Was driving in wind last night and only got 37.
133 miles today. 34.01 mpg. (3.91g). I'm lovin it.
just got an 07 Thursday.....friggin love it ...but the gearing doesn't allow for high gas mileage....my light came on at 150 miles....but being used to my other bikes that get 45-50 miles per gallon...and considering the z holds 4.9 gallons of fuel .....i proceeded to the next town....well when the odo hit 175 miles it was lights out......being at the top of a hill i coasted for 1/4 mile and into a gas station in the middle of nowhere (I'd rather be lucky than good) put in 4.75 gals and off we go.....so ......34. something per gal.....gearing would help and the motor can pull it ....just good to know the limits
my '07 gets 32 to 38 mpg depending how I flog it. It had (until yesterday) a +3 in the rear. I just changed to a +1 (they didn't have a +3) and expect a little better mileage out of it.
I'm going out today and see what happens.
I have seen anywhere from 32mpg-42mpg, but get an avg of 37mpg just like the reviews for this bike said it would.
after our 400 mile 4th of july ride. Both Zs averaged at 42 mpg. Doing 70-90 mph. but kowtoy is right if i ride normal and in traffic. I usually get 35-37 mpg.
getting 42mpg out of it, was NO FUN. 32 mpg is MUCH MORE FUN, but just doesn't last long!
getting 42mpg out of it, was NO FUN. 32 mpg is MUCH MORE FUN, but just doesn't last long!
It was raining yesterday... thats why the 42 mpg.
4 gal tank- and I pushed it to 160 miles before filling up- but it took 3.9 gal to fill. This was all highway btw.

2010 Z
It was raining yesterday... thats why the 42 mpg.
No downshifting, below 4k rpm upshifting, and 55 mph for me to pull off 42mpg.
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