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Hi All,

I am planning on upgrading my Z1000 2016, and have reverted to the standard light setup in order to be able to trade it.

The BK Moto lights were great, much better than the standard. The lights work fine, although I think one of the ballasts is dodgy and the one light goes off. Using the switch, if you turn it off, and then on again it comes back on again. I also have two spare bulbs. And also full wiring harness.

One catch, I am in Australia, and you will need to pay for the postage where ever you are in the world. You will need to pay for the postage BEFORE I send it. So, I suppose you will need to trust me that I will send it to you. I just can't throw it in the bin, as it still works!

First in best dressed as they say. First to agree and have paid for the postage it is yours.

See pics.


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