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Frame Sliders

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Does anyone has a suggestion for good frame slides for the 2010 Z1000?
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This site carries a few different designs plus you can color match some it to your bike.


Dude, those are pretty slick looking frame sliders!!!

I was looking at a pair from Rizoma - but they are $239, and they dont even look like they will protect much. Heck, they are called "Engine guards" and it bolts just below the side fairings, and doesnt stick out as far as the fairings - so likely useless.

Im curious how these will perform as well - the side fairings on the 2010 do stick out quite a bit....

Anyone else have frame sliders yet? If so, got pics?? Think that they will protect the side fairings in case of a get-off?
Thanks for the info. I will get these they are very nice.
Just wondering if anyone would even think of getting a full cage instead of frame sliders. There's ones I've seen that are pretty subtle and don't ruin the look of the bike. RSD makes some nice ones for sportbikes if I'm not mistaken but haven't seen any for the 2010 Z.
Well... from experience, our fairings are pretty inexpensive So-Crates. Gotta agree though - $240 for some sliders that say Rizoma is a litttle... extreme. If I hadn't blown all my moneyz on the BODIS GPX2 exhaust, I'd look into the engine guards - seems like a little extra protection that might come in handy.
Thing is that, of all the options out there, the Rizomas are the most attractive available shy of the Top Block Racing $500 bits. Furthermore, they use two mounting bolts rather than one. That, combined with their shape, makes them much less likely to damage the frame in an incident.

Normal name brand frame sliders are ~$100.
Sliders that mount to two points are ~$125-$200.

The Rizomas aren't cheap, but they're not that expensive.

Some other options for those looking:

SW Motech Sliders: TwistedThrottle.com : SW-MOTECH Frame Slider Kit (Kawasaki Z1000 '10-) - STP.08.590.10500.B
SW Motech Crash Bars: TwistedThrottle.com : SW-MOTECH Crashbars/Engine Guards (Kawasaki Z1000, '10-) - SBL.08.647.10000.B
GSG Moto Sliders: TwistedThrottle.com : GSG-Moto Engine Protector (Kawasaki Z1000 '10-) - MOK.1505025-K47-SH
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Beast - what I wonder about those sliders that you've shown is - look at how thin the metal is on the mounting hardware. What are the chances that those are going to bend when you go down??

At least the Rizoma sliders are carved out of a solid chunk of aircraft quality aluminum...they arent going to bend at all! And, if you have an accident, you can replace the plastic portion without having to worry about buying an entire new set.

Im glad I ended up getting the Rizoma ones.
Agreed on your points, So-Crates. So may of the slider options out there have extremely limited photos to figure out if they're any good. Even the Rizomas are tough to tell! I finally found someone who took more angled shots.
Top Block Racing make the most awsome frame sliders i have found so far.
They have the best fit and finish of any slider made.
When installed look like they should have been there from the factory.
I have got more compliments on these sliders than any other mod ihave made on any other bike i have owned.
Barry - I agree that they're great sliders but... really? Have you seen every other slider in person to claim superior finish?

Out of curiosity, do you think they stick out far enough to protect the lower engine casings in a drop? They didn't look like it from the pictures. Not as if that'd be any different from most sliders at all, just wondering.
I'm going to go with the OES Accessories Frame Sliders. I've seen some pictures of them after a low side, and it looks like they do the job well. For $50, I can't say no. I'm also going to pick up swingarm spools and front fork sliders from them.
I bought the R&G Racing frame slider $105 little pricey but very good product.
I have a set made by a guy on another forum ( www.riderforums.com ) that went by the name HitJohn.
Barry - from that shot I can't tell quite how far the slider sticks out. Do you think if the bike fell on that side, the lower engine cases would still be protected?
Yes they extend past the case.thats one of the things i like abot them,you cant rally see it in pictures but from some front angles they almost look like spoilers or wings that provide down force at speed
After laying my bike over (to the tune of $255 in parts) I think a set of sliders would be in order.

Here is a set of fork, engine, and swingarm, but there is no photo of them on the bike. If it goes over, do these hit the ground before the lower cowl, engine, stock mufflers, etc?

Anyone know of the current best deal on a set of engine and swingarm sliders? This thread is an older one.

I want the stock exhaust and lower cowl, and mid cowls to not take any damage, in case it goes over again.

Also, what is the benefit of fork sliders? A wreck?

Thanks in advance.
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I saw this at the bottom of the above auction:

If purchasing/planning to purchase swingarm spools for a 2010-2012 Z-1000, please first read this section carefully.

The 2010-2012 Z1000 uses a factory exhaust that is mounted very close to the swingarm, which is a moving component of the rear suspension. A swingarm spool on either side of the Z1000 is subject to contact with the exhaust silencer. The spools could disrupt normal suspension travel and cause handling problems with the motorcycle if contact is made between the spool and swingarm.These problems can occur under the following conditions:
1. Any rider weighing over 180 lbs
2. A rider/passenger combination, regardless of combined weight
3. A rider in a hard cornering situation or bumpy road, where compression of the rear suspension is greater than upright/smooth riding.
4. A bike using any type of lowering link on the rear suspension.
5. Conditions 1 and 3 combined
6. Conditions 2 and 3 combined
To avoid problems, if using a factory exhaust system, or any exhaust system with minimal clearance between the swingarm spool and exhaust silencer, only use swingarm spools while servicing the motorcycle and never while riding the motorcycle. Failure to follow these warnings could cause personal injury due to an accident, or in less severe situations, damage to the exhaust silencer, swingarm spool, or damage to the spool mounting point.

I guess there is nothing to protect your stock exhaust without interfering with suspension travel?
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Spools do interupt swingarm travel.
I installed T Rex frame and axle sliders and they came with swingarm spools.
I rode to work this morning and noticed that right after my rear wheel paases a speed bump, it seems that the spools are hitting the bottom of the silencer.
When got home, i checked the silencer at the bottom and there were marks matching the position of the spools.

I removed the spools.

I was told that there is a sort-of replacement for the spools but it is attached to the chain adjuster. Anyone knows what this is called?
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